My NYC Spring Break Part 1: Exit D.M.V.

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Gregory 'Arteest' Akers in Events
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When most people hear the words ‘Spring’ and ‘Break’ together they automatically picture palm trees, sandy beaches, cocktails, clubs and crazy parties. This is the Spring Break that many of us college students dream of. So you would think when I found out I would be spending three days of my spring break in a windy, cold, snowy New York City, I would be upset. But, on the contrary, I was ecstatic. Unlike many other University of Maryland students I hadn’t made plans for my Spring break. Prior to Friday, March 18th I had been contemplating getting away from the D.M.V. (DC, MD, & VA). For about a week before my break actually started I had been picturing a road trip. I didn’t really care where to. I just wanted to get away. Sadly for me; I had no car, no plan, no destination and no friends to bring along for the ideal trip I’d wanted. So the road trip idea was a bust. Although this realization temporarily lowered my morale, it was quickly boosted back up when my girlfriend suggested we go to NYC to visit her family and enjoy ourselves in the Big Apple.

(Enter Beginning of NYC Spring Break)

During my spring break I spent three days in New York City with my girlfriend. Wait! Hold up! Sorry to abruptly interrupt this story, but,before I can go into detail about my actual experiences in New York, allow me to tell you about my trip to and from there. So my girlfriend and I endure a journey in D.C. in our attempt to get to the MegaBus pickup location. I refer to it as a pickup location because that is exactly what it is. I guess in an effort to cut costs there aren’t any actual MegaBus bus stations like what the PeterPan or the Greyhound have. So they pretty much pick you up from some designated  random location in whatever major city you are leaving from. Which apparently in D.C. is right next to “da hood” because not only are the buildings next to the newly paved, chain-linked fenced MegaBus area pretty rundown, there are always people outside of them and always police around there. So happy that we left and arrived there in the daytime.

Au Bon Pain in Union Station

Au Bon Pain in Union Station

Anyways, the journey begins with me taking the metro from Silver Spring to Gallery Place to pick up my girlfriend and then fromgallery place we have to take the metro to Union Station. When we arrive at Union Station (looking like a bunch of homeless people) we had so many bags and we had to endure a long line of people waiting to walk up one of metro’s many broken escalators. At Union Station we bought some food from Au Bon Pain to take on the bus with us. This was my first time buying food from Au Bon Pain so of course I was in awe when I discovered that a bottled water, turkey sandwich, Mediterranean wrap and small bag of chips cost me $17.50. I definitely could have eaten a nice meal at a decent restaurant for that price. But hey, it was convenient and it was in Union Station.

Inside Megabus: Upper Level

So we leave Union Station and walk to the MegaBus pickup location only to arrive forty-five minutes early. We stand in line behind this large group of what looked like D.C. Public School students. Ughhhh! And we wait to board the double -decker bus. Forty-five minutes later we are on the first level of the bus eating our Au Bon Pain and waiting for everyone to get settled. Here’s where the funny part kicks in. For those who don’t know, all MegaBus’  have free Wi-Fi and many electrical outlets located near the seats. As the bus was departing D.C. a girl who sat diagonal to me turned on her laptop and started reading what I initially thought was a Harry Potter e-book. However, after reading a paragraph of the book, I discovered it was some kind of kinky Harry Potter sex stories. LoL Until this point I had no idea stuff like this even existed. My girlfriend was the first to notice that the girl wasn’t reading an actual Harry Potter book. After she pointed it out to me, we both laughed hysterically.

My NYC Spring Break Part 1: Exit D.M.V.

Disclaimer: Not The Actual Woman Reading The Harry Potter Book

When I think about it, the trip to NYC really wasn’t that bad. Although the D.C. Public School kids were pretty noisy at the beginning of the trip. Because they all sat on the upper level of the bus we could hear their noisy, annoying conversations for the first 30-45 minutes. But after a while I think they fell asleep because it became pretty quiet up there. I think the biggest annoyance that transformed into comedic relief was the loud cell phone conversation some girl had on the back of the bus. The first level of the MegaBus has a lot less seats than the second level. This means there are a lot less people within that space. So of course when the girl in the last row was talking on her phone all of us on the first level could hear her entire conversation and quickly became annoyed at her loud tone and its boring subject matter. Thus, after twenty minutes of enduring her voice, a woman sitting a few rows ahead of her said out loud, “I thought cell phone convos were supposed to be kept at a LOW volume.” My girlfriend and I along with a few others on the bus gave the shared, “UN HUH!” which proved we were all in agreement and had  enough of the girl at that point. She must have gotten the message because she immediately lowered her tone and ended her conversation five minutes later. I guess there IS power in numbers.  Ha! The nightmare part of the MegaBus trip came on the return trip back to D.C. which you will read about in part three of this story.

(Enter NYC) To Be Continued in My NYC spring Break Part 2

  1. Afro says:

    Really Harry Potter Sex Stories, that is very funny. I understand your pain with the d.c public school students, they can get a little rowdy. As far as megabus, I like it because it’s cheap!


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