My NYC Spring Break Part 2.2: The Manhattan Diner Experience

Posted: May 31, 2011 by Gregory 'Arteest' Akers in Events, Foody Review
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BreakfastManhattan Diner

The next morning we were on another mission to find somewhere to eat. As we walked around NYC we stumbled upon this place called Manhattan Diner. Initially I was a little apprehensive about eating there. Up to that point my experiences with diners hadn’t been a good one and I wasn’t too sure about chancing my dining experience on another run-of-the-mill “Diner.” But lucky for me, I decided to throw caution to the wind and eat there and had a great experience. The Manhattan Diner is located in a ritzy area of the Upper West Side of NYC. Just to give you an idea of how ritzy the area is, about one block down the street from the diner there are condo’s selling in excess of $1.5 million dollars. And now that I look back at it, I should have known a run-down diner would not have been able to stay in that area for eleven years if the food was less than amazing. So there we were, seated at this restaurant that has all the features of your basic diner. There are bar stools situated in front of a large wrap-around kitchen counter top in the main area of the restaurant, tiled walls,  tables for two and four guests and large windows for viewing the busy NYC streets.

After we are greeted by our server and given menus, we look through the extensive list of dishes that all look and sound great. I loved the wide variety of food options. I could get breakfast, lunch, or dinner and me being the omelet connoisseur  that I am, the sound of feta cheese, fresh spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms was too enticing to pass up. So I ordered what they refer to as the “Athenian Omelet” with a side of home fries. Now you have to trust me when I tell you, it was one of the best, if not thee best omelet I have ever had. It wasn’t overcooked or undercooked. The feta cheese melted well into the omelet and the mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach gave me the flavorful, veggie filler that every healthy breakfast needs. The dish went well with the two slices of toast that accompanied it. I only finished one slice of the toast. I was so full and the orange juice on the side put me over the top from full to borderline stuffed.

Who would’ve known that on the corner of Broadway and 77th Street sat a gem of a diner. But, don’t get too overjoyed my fellow foodies. If you were to go to that same very spot today you won’t see the booming Manhattan Diner that I speak of in this post. Its land, like many parts of other major cities, was apparently bought up by a big developer and it is currently being converted into a large high rise. But, with that said, there is some good news for all of you diner lovers. Manhattan Diner did not go out of business. It still exists. They simply moved to 2532 Broadway between (94th & 95th street). So as a satisfied customer, I am advising you to experience the Manhattan Diner at least once in your lifetime. And whether you live within a mile, or a hundred miles of it, mark my words when I say, “the trip will be well worth it!”

Manhattan Diner Official Website: Manhattan Diner

My NYC Spring Break To Be Continued in Part 2.3: The Insomnia Cookie Experience

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