The DMV Music Scene Gets a Mixtape Series for the Masses

Posted: July 29, 2011 by Gregory 'Arteest' Akers in Music Artists
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Playlist the DMV Mixtape?

After months of hearing great music projects from DMV (DC, Md., & Va.) music artists, I decided it was time for someone to start a series of mixtapes that would expose the rest of the world to the DMV’s music scene. “Playlist the DMV” is the product of that idea. Organized by me, Arteest and released under the ArtLyfEnt (Arteestic Lifestyle Entertainment) brand, this series is a collection of songs from talented artists all over The District, Maryland, and Virginia. This is my attempt at helping artists from the area by providing an additional outlet for getting their music heard.

Each mixtape explores a broad range of vocal, production, and collaborative abilities. Artists range from amateur, unsigned hype to musically seasoned, signed entertainers. Songs will range from the more mainstream sounds we are used to hearing on radio and TV to the more underground type of appeal appreciated by true music enthusiasts. Every volume in the series will give listeners a musically diverse project from one of the most profitable and listened to genres in the world: Hip-Hop.

The title “Playlist the DMV” came from the idea of searching the genres “hip-hop” or “rap” in iTunes to create a playlist and this mixtape is what you would get; a playlist of various music artists who rap about diverse themes and have a wide array of styles and sounds.

All available internet resources will be utilized to make each volume of the series more accessible. Every mixtape in the series will be free and will be uploaded to websites like and and also downloadable via Hulkshare and various blogs. It will also be promoted via facebook, twitter, and word of mouth. Under the ArtLyfEnt brand with the help of music lovers everywhere ArtLyfEnt hopes to become a major influence in music, organize and host quality mixtapes, and help elevate unsigned artists to gain national if not global attention. That is the mission of ArtLyfEnt and the “Playlist The DMV” series and I hope everyone enjoys volumes one through four and future volumes of the series.

ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist The DMV Vol. 4

This is the fourth installment in ArtLyfEnt’s Playlist The DMV series. It features talented music artists from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area). Most of the artists from this mixtape already have mixtapes and musical projects of their own. This project provides a sample of what their mixtapes sound like. PTDMV 4 features songs from such DMV music artists as Black Cobain, UCB, Nike Nando, DTMD, Muggsy Malone, and Kid Musiq to name a few. With 19 tracks that prove the DMV music scene is hungry and thriving, volume 4 packs some bass heavy, super lyrical songs and some laid back, suave jams that are guaranteed to strike a moment of nostalgia for the ol’ school hip-hop head and yet intrigue the average neo hip-hop enthusiast. Curious? Download ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist The DMV Volume 4 and find out what the DMV has to offer.

To download volume 4 click cover art above

To download volume 4 click cover art above

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  1. Karl Marzella says:

    Hey Your Mixtape some fiyah… submit it to… ill host it for free and give you a backlink to post to your social media (Facebook, myspace, google+, whatever)


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