Shock Top - End Of  The World Midnight WheatAlcohol by Volume (ABV): 6%

Chalk it up to Shock Top to deliver a brew formidable for the apocalypse. I had the pleasure of tasting their “End of the World Midnight Wheat” last year when it was available at my favorite beer and wine store and that first sip sent my taste buds into a frenzy. This is definitely one of the strangest brews I have ever had. There were hints of chocolate and wheat and then this crazy chili spiced aftertaste that hit the palate within the final second before entering my throat. The pairing of chocolate malt, midnight wheat, chili, and spices tasted like the hybrid brew of a mad-man mixologist. Although some critics who have tasted this beer claim they couldn’t taste the chili, I definitely could. It was distinct and left a very peculiar bubbly and spicy feeling in my throat as if I just took a swig of a crazily concocted semi-sweet, spiced rum. But let’s get down to business. I know you’re all thinking, “Would you drink this beer again?” To answer that question honestly: I would. But, I could probably only drink this once a year and that is because “End of the World Midnight Wheat” isn’t really your everyday run-of-the-mill beer. Not to say that I am solely a fan of those either. I just can’t really think of any foods I could pair it with, nor can I see myself asking for a pint of this at my local bar during happy hour. This is more of a novelty beer, which is why I totally understand it being themed around a once in a lifetime event. I, like the theme of this beer, feel as though its arrival should only be on rare occasions. Now, that’s not a swing at the taste of this brew. I think Shock Top has taken a new approach at brewing a limited release beer with a unique taste and appeal. I just think it’s not something I would find myself craving very often. But, I do advise any open-minded beer enthusiast to try this beer at least once in the slight chance Shock Top Brewing Company decides to brew this again. With that said, to read a few other opinions on this brew check these out: DraftMagBeerAdvocate, and

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