The Paper Route is the debut project from University of Maryland alumnus David Porter aka Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs. This Bowie native who became somewhat of a YouTube sensation – after his McDonald’s rap went viral six years ago – has garnered over 600,000 YouTube views and over 600 subscribers by entertaining viewers and spectators alike with his comedic perspectives on current events, his occasional song parodies and his celebrity interviews. One of Paperboy’s greatest strengths are comedy and rapping and “The Paper Route” delivers exactly that. With its comedic overtones and often edgy lyrics, it makes for a great release from the bores of everyday life. His song “The Office” even takes a comedic jab at the lackluster life of a 9-to-5er. But, to say this project is only for “shits and giggles” would truly be a misreading of the music. Don’t let the Game Boy Advance chain and the Burger King crown fool you. Utilizing witty punch lines and similes “The Paper Route” is a very dynamic project. Paperboy delves into the hardships of being a black man in America in ‘Inspiration’, the everyday lies people tell and try to portray in ‘Illusions’, and gives you an open window into his Prince Georges County, Maryland upbringing in ‘Goregous Prince Georges’. For a debut project, this freshman effort has the sound of a seasoned rapper who has a much larger story to tell. I definitely feel as though Paperboy has the potential to be one of those great artists. To experience “The Paper Route” for yourself be sure to click the cover art below to download the project from DatPiff for free and definitely let me know how you feel about it after you listen to it. Follow Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Here’s a video of Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs’ live performance of “The Office”.

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