Ok, before you go off calling me a hater, I just want to forewarn you that I actually do usually like Drake‘s music and have been listening to his sound evolve since his first mixtape Room For Improvement. With that said, I’m not too fond of three of his four latest singles: “5 AM in Toronto“, “No New Friends” and “Girls Love Beyoncé“. The mediocre beat combined with Drake’s lackluster monotone rhyming in “5 Am in Toronto” makes for a less-than-memorable musical experience.  Although the tagline to his recent release of “No New Friends” is sure to replace his so very annoying 2012 motto YOLO (You Only Live Once), Drake’s verse is sub-par and his harmonizing “No New Friends No No New” repeatedly is honestly quite annoying. On the bright side the production doesn’t fail and Rick Ross owns the beat and does the song a little justice so it isn’t a total bust. Moving on to the main song of discussion: “Girls Love Beyoncé”. At this point we all know that Drake loves r&b. If his freaky obsession with Aaliyah didn’t tell you, his constant attempt at singing on his songs should. It is this failing singing attempt combined with the semi-depressing lyrics of the song and the buzzwordy title that makes me dislike everything about “Girls Love Beyoncé.” I’m sure that just as girls love Beyoncé they will love this song because it speaks about a lot of emotional want-to-be-in-a-relationship mumbo jumbo that so many women on twitter tweet/complain/obsess about. And I’m certain they are his key demographic and the inspiration for writing the song. I mean, even Drake said it himself at some point, he does it for his b*tches. (Yes, he uses the B-word in his music…quite often actually.) But, as a true hip-hop enthusiast I think I am just tired of his constant singing efforts. He should just leave the singing to James Fauntleroy and stay in his rapping lane.


It also doesn’t help to think that this song is gimmicky and honestly, inartistic. Naming a song “Girls Love Beyoncé”and then not even mentioning the icon in the song or explaining why girls do, is like me picking a buzzwordy or controversial title for a blog post and not elaborating on it. It’s meant to draw people in and I feel like at this stage of his career he doesn’t need to do that. His name alone should speak for itself. But, I guess he’s just following the lead of his attention whoring muse Beyoncé, a woman who is at the plateau of her career, making insane amounts of money and highly revered by some of the most influential people in the world, yet she still dances half-naked at every opportunity she can and continues to sell sex and her appearance more than her talent. (In my opinion). With all of that said, on the positive side, the song is catchy as hell due to the fact the hook is taken from a Destiny’s Child song that all of us already know, James Fauntleroy’s great harmonizing on the hook and the beat is just one of those beats that gets stuck in your head. My final word of the song is that it isn’t terribly dreadful, but it isn’t amazingly artistic either and it makes me wonder how his junior album “Nothing Was The Same” will fare when it is released later this year. But, don’t just take my word on this song. Click the YouTube video below and rate it for yourself. And as always let me know what you think. Am I being too harsh? Too judgemental? Or am I telling it like it is?

A great “Girls Love Beyonce” guitar remix cover

Click this to hear a Great Chopped & Screwed version of “Girls Love Beyonce”

  1. Charles says:

    All three of those songs were a billion times better than SFTB. Drake was a monster on 5AM. That was his best song out of the 4. Girls Love Beyonce was a really good song too. His verse on No New Friends was the best one on the song. Drake dropped 3 straight hits. Looking forward to NWTS.


    • Arteest says:

      A lot of his new music takes a while to grow on me. My initial reaction to most of his new stuff is “blah”. But, after i give it a few listens I begin to enjoy it. With that said, I still hate the hook to “no new friends” and at times I really wish Drake would just stop trying to sing and stick to rapping or writing songs for others. As far as his album is concerned, I’m honestly not excited about it and definitely won’t be buying it. Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours by the way. I appreciate it.


  2. LaLa says:

    The reason it is named ‘girls love beyonce’ is because of the hook to the song from a 90s Destiney’s Child song called “say my name” so in turn, the title does fit wit the song. That is all


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