I realize this movie trailer probably gives away eighty-five percent of the movies action scenes. Yet, for some reason I simply don’t care and I am still very excited to see this movie. Since Fast & The Furious burst on the scene in with an almost teenaged looking Paul Walker and a budding superstar Vin Diesel, I have been captivated by its winning formula of fast cars, beautiful women, and high stakes. While some argue that the sequels are nothing like the original, I sit back, laugh and say, “why would you want to watch the same movie six times?” As time moves forward and our lives develop and transform so did the exotic car chase franchise and this is actually what I love about it. It seems that after Tokyo Drift, the series just got better and better. It was definitely refreshing to see the plots evolve into a cat and mouse Ocean’s Eleven heist on Nitrous Oxide. I especially love the return of some of the most integral characters in the franchise and watching their interactions with the newbies like Tyrese and Ludacris. I believe the producers and directors got it right with the change of direction they decided to take in the absence of Vin Diesel in the second film. And by almost completely overshadowing the lackluster and quite forgettable third installment with the plot of 4, they were able to revive what looked like a Trilogy on its last leg. I am overly excited to see the four original cast members – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and Michelle Rodriguez – reunited for the first time since the original film and I am even more excited about Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson’s return after his great performance in Fast Five. With Fast & Furious 6, I think we all know what to expect at this point. But, the beauty of it all is watching it unfold and connecting the dots between the various installments. Check out the final trailer below and let me know your thoughts on Fast & Furious 6.


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