One thing many out-of-towners don’t know about the DC Metropolitan area is that it is a really small piece of land. Although the actual Metro rail covers parts of two states (Maryland and Virginia) and the nation’s capital, the chances of bumping into the same person twice are quite high, especially if you work or play in the same fields. Recently, while discussing a music project with one of my producer friends in a computer lab, a young man who goes by the moniker B Tha B-Boy introduced himself to she and I. Initially, I had my reservations about checking out his music. After years of hearing copious amounts of mediocre and less than talented noise come from local music artists, I wasn’t too sure that this guy was any different. But, after viewing his music video on YouTube and actually listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised. There I was, discussing music with a talented producer and a talented Hip-Hop artist was seated behind us the whole time. It’s crazy, but it helps you see that talent can be found in the most unsuspecting of places. The video below is the video B Tha B-Boy showed me that day and I must say it definitely proves that Hip-Hop with a message is still alive. Check it out and as usual, let me know what you think?

B Tha B Boy - Let It Breathe (Music Video)

What Do You Think?

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