Ok. When I say I am excited to see this film, that is an understatement. Ladies and gentleman, after so many years Hollywood has finally allowed a black film that wasn’t buffoonery or directed by the questionable, cross-dressing multi-millionaire Tyler Perry. Not only is this film not directed, produced or starring Tyler Perry, it’s a romantic comedy that seems to have some substance. Granted, we have seen the whole spend time with your ex’s in a short amount of time in hopes to find your future spouse plot before. But, with such an attractive and talented predominantly black cast, I feel that this will be a far superior film than any of Tyler Perry’s awful misrepresentations of black culture accompanied by his ridiculous religious overtones. It seems that Hollywood has finally thrown the remainder of us black film enthusiasts a – not so male dominated/chauvinistic cough, cough Think Like A Man cough, cough – movie that we might be able to take some sense of pride in. Even if it is just a romantic comedy. And although this film seems a little similar to Jumping The Broom given its find a mate premise, I feel that Paula Patton is far too diverse an actress to get type casted and deliver the same character twice. With that said, take a look at the trailer for Baggage Claim and let me know what you think about it.

Baggage Claim

What Do You Think?

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