Taking a cue from The Hangover trilogy, Last Vegas is a tale of four best friends who embark on a Las Vegas bachelor party for their friends’ final “hoo-rah” before his wedding. But, it’s not the plot that makes this film so appealing to me. It’s the all-star leading actors and their quirky antics in one of the greatest places on earth, Las Vegas. Although this film is clearly a Hangover for an older generation, I believe its alcohol induced comedic moments will appeal to a younger audience of twenty-somethings as well. And with this much talent in one film, it will be an experience to see these guys let loose like never before and interact and compete with the younger generation. As a fan of all ridiculously over-the-top party movies I can definitely say this movie looks appealing to me and it must be noted that nothing says comedy like a drunken Morgan Freeman in a chic nightclub. With four amazing actors under its belt and a slew of liquor induced mishaps and Kodak moments, I think this may be one of the funnier old guy films of the decade. But, don’t take my word for it. Watch the trailer below and post a comment underneath to let me know what you think.


What Do You Think?

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