DMV native Muggsy Malone is back on the music scene with a single that hits close to home. In ‘Black America’ Muggsy speaks on the current trials and tribulations many black men face growing up in America. Spreading lyrics about the hardships of unemployment, police brutality and black on black crime with jarring visuals of Trayvon Martin, the gritty DC streets and some snapshots of Muggsy in his younger years, it definitely speaks volumes about him as an artist. But nothing in the song speaks louder than the repetitive lyrics in the intro and throughout the song, “Thank God I’m Alive.” From watching this video, I can definitely see that Muggsy has a lot to be thankful for and a lot more story to tell. After going on what seemed like a year or two hiatus, I believe he is ready to continue with his musical journey and spread his lyrics to the masses. Click the video below to see the visuals to ‘Black America’ and as usual let me know what you think. Also, follow Muggsy Malone on twitter ( @MuggsyMaloneDC) for more of his music updates.


  1. dope says:

    Dope! Be sure to check out muggsy’s website @


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