This is it ladies and gentleman. Paperboy has finally released a visual to his enigmatic hit, “In The Office”. Straight from his mixtape The Paper Route, David Porter aka Prince of the Suburbs is giving you a comedic look at the life of a 9-5’er. Of course in Paperboy fashion the video has some really funny moments and even funnier dances to make fun of time spent in the workplace. This song honestly should be an anthem for anyone familiar with the five day cubicle grind and the boredom that often ensues as a result of it. But, even if you don’t spend most of your days in the office this is still a jam that anyone can appreciate. I tip my hat to Paperboy for rapping about what he knows and not being afraid to have fun with his music. So, check out the video below and as usual let me now what you think. Also, go ahead and download Paperboy’s debut project The Paper Route while you’re at it.


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