“The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.” [IMDB]

After watching the first chapter of Insidious, I turned the tv off and thought to myself, ” What the f*** was up with that old music playing, creepy, dancing, sewing demon in his cave of wonders.” LoL One thing movies like Insidious have taught me is that the previews are always scarier than the actual films. With that said, I may be a little bias because 98% of all horror movies do not scare me. My ability to differentiate reality from entertainment is far too high for my B.S. barrier to be penetrated. So, when it comes to the horror movies of today I simply watch for the laughs. I can almost bet, the second chapter of Insidious will crack me up just as much as the first. If they bring that dancing demon back I may even need to change my drawers. (Yes, that was a s*** on myself reference.) For those who haven’t seen the first one, might I forewarn you of this SPOILER ALERT: At the end, the dad saves his son from the demon of the dark world, but gets possessed by a ghoulish woman upon his return. Based on this trailer it seems like there may be remnants of her soul lingering in his body. This makes me wonder if the dad will play some sick and twisted role in the tormenting and haunting of his family. But, I’ve got a feeling something much larger is at play. And for that reason I may just go see this one at the theater on its release date: September 13, 2013 (Friday the 13th). Watch the movie trailer of Insidious Chapter 2 below and let me know if you think this movie will provide lots of screams or lots of laughs. Cue the creepy music and creepy ghosts.


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