The 1999 hit, The Best Man is a film that captures the trials and tribulations that occur within the romantic and friendly relationships of a group of highly successful black friends. Starring such talented actors and actresses as Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Terrance Howard, and many more, The Best Man is more than just a movie to me. When I recall my experience at the theater for the screening of the film, I remember a feeling of accomplishment overcome me. There I was, watching an ensemble of black actors portray talented and successful people on the big screen. This was not a farce or outlandish comedy. This was not a demeaning or ignorant film portraying black people in a negative light (90% of Tyler Perry movies). This was not a horror movie where the only black actor in the entire film dies. These weren’t black actors portraying criminals, maids, janitors or  any other negative stereotypical characters that Hollywood likes to cast black actors for. The main characters were writers, musicians, athletes, and media executives prospering in society. They were the epitome of what many black people dream to be…or at least what I dreamt to be. And I loved that someone was able to get a film like this scripted, produced and presented on the big screen for someone like me to see. It’s a great film and it is really entertaining. So, as a huge fan of the original I am ecstatic about the sequel, The Best Man Holiday. At this stage in the promo process of the film I am unaware of the exact plot of the sequel. But, I already know I am going to the theater with my family Thanksgiving weekend to see it. Check out two of the trailers below and let me know if you’ll be checking out The Best Man Holiday on November 15th.


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