Maryland Hip-Hop artist B Tha B-Boy is back at it with a visual for his new song “Meaning of Art”. The Fatz HD directed video displays ‘B’ in a variety of urban and natural landscapes. The gritty spaces displayed in the video are a stark contrast to the urban landscape of downtown Washington DC and they really bring life to the harsh realities of B’s lyrics within the song. Unlike most hip-hop videos of today, this visual actually tells a story and allows the viewer to watch it unfold within the lyrics and on-screen. I’ve probably said this before, but I am truly a fan of this guy for stepping out of the commercial hip-hop comfort zone of limitless N-words, sex talk and drug lingo to tell a story that is often left unspoken. Videos like this prove that Hip-Hop videos are not always composed of half-naked women, a collage of close-ups of jewelry and expensive cars and 100 guys in white tees repping their neighborhood. A visual can be so much more stylistically appealing and the lyrics can portray a far different picture. Check out the video to “Meaning of Art” below and let me know what you think. Also, be sure to follow B Tha B-Boy on his social media accounts [twitter, facebook and soundcloud] and download his latest project for free HERE!


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