I am here today asking the question, “Why are so many people afraid of the film The Conjuring? I ask this because after viewing the trailers and promo for this film I don’t want to see this movie more now than when I first heard of it. And that is not because I am afraid of it. (I never understood how something on a screen could scare anyone.) But, because the movie looks repetitive. I ask a second question, “Haven’t we seen this movie before?” Hello! Just about every ghost/haunting horror film has the same plot or basic principles. A white family moves into a house where people were killed a long time ago and now the ghosts of the deceased are either out to get the houses new residents or they want to shed light on their deaths. Yeah, I just about gave you the entire plot to all of the major ghost films of our time, i.e.: Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and the biggest leader of them all The Amityville Horror. tumblr_mp3wt5VAtC1qbrav1o1_500It’s funny how Hollywood uses the taglines “Based on a true story” and “Fact Based depiction” to help boost ticket sales. If I learned anything from The Blair Witch Project it’s that a white lie can go a long way when we’re talking about raking in the big bucks. After all, the reportedly real account which we later discovered was a huge hoax of an indie movie took a $60,000 budget and turned it into a $100+ million dollar grossing film. So when I watch the trailer below all I see is dollar signs for Warner Bros. Pictures and millions of teenage girls just dying to see a film that probably won’t even be as good as The Ring (sucked!), The Grudge (sucked!) or Paranormal Activity 1 – 3 (Huge Disappointments!). But hey, this is just my opinion. Check out the latest trailer featuring members of the so-called real life family depicted in The Conjuring and let me know if you’ll be in the theater on July 19th to see it. Oh yeah, nice touch with the warning poster by the way. Great way to hype up the film Warner Bros.!


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