Who would’ve known that a film called TRANCE could change my life? TRANCE is a psychological thriller that stars James Mcavoy (Wanted, X-Men First Class) , Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s Thirteen, Black Swan) and Rosario Dawson (Death Proof, Sin City). In the film, Rosario Dawson plays a hypnotherapist and let me be the first to say, she can hypnotize me any day…or night of the week. lol Anyway, in the film she is kind of this strategic and powerful woman. Attribute the power to her beauty and her brains in the film. Now, the reason why this film changed my life is mostly due to her performance…clothed and unclothed. But, we’ll get to the unclothed part later. For those who don’t know, I have practically followed Rosario Dawson’s career since He Got Game. The first time I watched it I remember thinking, “WoW! She is gorgeous!”


 Regarding her role in Alexander, I was like, “Whoa! She took it there. Okay, she’s got gusto AND a beautiful body.” Seven Pounds made me wish I could trade places with Will Smith and give her MY heart. She’s just that talented of an actress. So when I saw that this film TRANCE starred Rosario Dawson, I had to get it from the Redbox yesterday. That was a huge mistake on my part! Rosario Dawson’s character in this film is so dynamic that one word can’t really describe her. She’s mysterious, intelligent, secretive, and sexy, but not in an over-the-top kind of way. Although she does sleep with two men in the film. But, there’s sensible reasoning behind it, which you discover by the end of the film. Anyway, the name of the film is truly fitting because Rosario Dawson’s character and performance definitely put me in a trance for the two hours it took to watch it in its entirety.


But, it wasn’t solely her acting that resounds in my memory. It was the sexuality of her character and the makeup of her being. Simply put, Rosario Dawson got naked numerous times and that body is utterly hypnotizing. But, on and off-screen she has Brains, Beauty and Body. Talk about a trifecta of femininity. With that said, my big mistake doesn’t come from merely watching the film. But, from seeing something in her I am yet to see in ninety-nine percent of the women I interact with. Now, don’t be too hasty in your judgment of my last statement by thinking that what I see in her performance and physique is perfection. Contrarily, I see the errors, the vulnerability, the miscalculations, and the strategically uncoordinated pieces of art that she layers on and off the screen. And it is within those nuances that I see this perfect imperfection of an actress and most importantly, a woman. So, I can clearly see why she was made to be the main character’s muse in this film and so many previous films.


This multifaceted goddess who can be whomever you want her to be, plus more. This polished thespian who can outshine even the brightest of cohorts. So, standing in the mirror on a late Wednesday night, hours after watching the film, I quietly think to myself, “I’m In Love With Rosario Dawson.” I then pause for a brief moment, retract my previous statement and realize what it truly is that has me sleepless and baffled at the notion I have just contrived. I am not in love with Rosario Dawson. I am in love with the IDEA of a Rosario Dawson. (A stunning woman who portrays the many qualities I seek in a mate.) My mind then replays that sex scene – her unclothed performance – in the film where Mcavoy’s character tells her to pause for a second as he takes in all that she has to offer. Thinking to myself, the woman who makes me want to freeze frame our greatest moments and revel in those intricate seconds of pleasure is the woman I’d like to wed someday. Betwixt all the initial confusion from the seemingly jarring flow of events and the intricate characters in the film, I found my subtle sense of clarity. The woman who can completely entrance me with her Brains, Beauty and Body is the Rosario Dawson of my life.

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