Swavor (pronounced “Suave-or”) is the product of creative minds Shek Tarawallie and Christofer Brito. Described as a clothing brand that “…take[s] historic time periods.” and “…modernize[s] them through fashion”, Swavor is dedicated to bringing art alive with their clothing. I had the pleasure of viewing their intro video (located below) a week or so ago and I was simply fascinated by the art, not just in the clothing but also the videography displayed in the video. Sporting raw and rough cut imagery of a variety of pieces from the Swavor collection while Shek Tarawallie’s voices the creative process of the brand in the background, the video really gives you an experience through the designers lens. The video also displays video snippets of native DMV hip-hop artists Logic and Kevin Sinatra adorned in Swavor brand fits while the piano keys play slowly to add to the effect. The black and white filter gives it an even more artsy and rugged appeal that gels well with the artists intent. I really like what Swavor is doing with their brand. So I had to share their vision with you all. Check out the video below and lave a comment so I know what you think about Swavor. You can purchase their clothing HERE!

Follow them on social media: Twitter: @SwavorClothing Facebook: Swavor Clothing

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