Written by: Michele Amira Pinczuk

Edited and co-written by: Arteest

Welcome to the first list of its kind – the top “DC chillin,” “VA chillin” and “Moco chillin” MCs. Selection for this Hip-Hop hot list is based on mixtape quality, swag as an MC, and poetic justice in the content of their songs. OMG! This is some serious DMV MC geography! The MCs on this list have all put out thebomb.com mixtapes in 2013 and many of them have been featured on each others mixtape at some point. Although Go-Go had long eclipsed our local music scene, these five talented artists are proving why Hip-Hop is becoming a permanent fixture in the DMV.

1. Wale – Hot Track: Bad feat Tiara Thomas

This Maybach Music MC is bringing the DMV to the forefront of Hip-Hop. Although he is a member of Maybach Music Group, his flow and sound are more like Black Hippy with Soul Train sounding hooks over hipster hot instrumentals. His most recent album, The Gifted has hits like “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas sporting hooks that are smooth like tahina and reminiscent of Kanye West’s College Dropout. As a DMV born Hip-Hop heeb (hipster term for Jewish), I personally love his mixtapes More About Nothing and The Mixtape About Nothing, sampling Seinfeld on nearly every track, which makes me want to plotz (to burst, as from laughter in Yiddish).

Sidenote: A few years ago he started The Board Administration, a DMV-based record company that gets hype for go-go bands and puts out the latest Black Cobain and Wale mixtapes.

2.  Tabi Bonney – Hot Track: One More Time feat Phil Ade

Tabi Bonney is the DMV’s Andre 3000. He puts the funk in his DC based Hip-Hop with tracks off his mixtape like “She Parties”, “One More Time” and “Need a Girl”, featuring go-go band TCB. Bonney needs more hype than he has in the game. He marches to the beat of his own mixtape, which is deserving of a lot more airtime.

3. Black Cobain – Hot Track: Glorious

With the swagger of a hustler and the namesake of Kurt Cobain, Black Cobain is on the come up. His latest mixtape contains tracks like “Shootas” with a hot dance hall vibe, while on tracks like “Glorious” his flow is reminiscent of Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up.”

Sidenote: He is an artist on Wale’s The Board Administration imprint.

4. Phil Ade – Hot Track: Every Bag

On Phil Ade’s newest Tupac inspired mixtape, he said he “made it cool to be from Maryland.” Ade isn’t new to the game, but he’s always bringing the “new new” to the game even with his 2013 summer swag mixtape R.O.S.E.

5.  Shy Glizzy – Hot Track: If I Want To 

Shy’s nasal voice, sing-song swag and chill gangsta flow is creating hype in the DMV Hip-Hop scene. After he jumped into a twitter feud with Chief Keef, his recognition skyrocketed by releasing the Chief Keef diss “3 Milli“. This track has garnered close to two million YouTube views since its release in May of 2012. Much like 50 Cent in his hustler years, Shy is a hustler and has been creating hype by getting into beefs. Shy might be using the Ari Gold (Entourage) / Kanye West mantra of “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. He “is ’bout that life.” His track “Southside” featuring fellow DMV MC Wale has garnered some radio play in the DMV as well. One thing is for certain, this hipster is on the come up and on his way to making more moves in the world that is Hip-Hop.

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  2. Speed on the Beat says:

    ::ditches the no-fi experiments and starts getting even more serious::


      • Speed on the Beat says:

        In addition to blogging about music, I also record music (most of which incorporates a mastering technique I refer to as “no-fi,” as it furthers the whole “lo-fi rap” movement from a couple years ago and blah blah blah LOL). The comment was more of a tongue-in-cheek reference to my recording side. No, you know, offense was meant or whatever


      • tahinaswag says:

        lol that wasn’t like a say what? as in a say what in the kanye west sense I just had like no idea what that meant. Thanks for getting me hip to your terms!!


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