Drugs have really gotten to a point where children and teens are dying left and right. The drug that has been receiving a lot of attention lately is called Molly. How in the world did this drug become popular? How is this drug so easy to get? Well, let’s look at what is boosting this deadly drug’s popularity. Today’s artists are making this drug seem like it is the best thing in the world. You have Trinidad James, Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne and other artists, who these teens and children look up to – which I don’t understand – advertising it.  These kids love these artists and everything they have to say. But, the artists are not looking at the fact that everything they talk about seems cool to this highly influential group. I just want to say that these artists need to realize that the thing they claim “will make the party hype” will, and is, having a detrimental effect on these kids. Why don’t these same artists get on YouTube and take the same pills they talk so highly about in their songs? These same artists still do not understand how many teens have died from this drug. Yet, they insist on talking about it all the time.

Now, I want to discuss these people who feel like they have to do everything these artists say whenever they party, but then say “I’m grown I can do what I want” and end up dead or in the hospital. Why do you feel like you have to imitate what these artists say in their songs, knowing that they don’t even do the drug themselves? Because, let’s briefly look at the facts. Well, there is only one fact: Those artists are not dead. You don’t see or hear about them sweating and running all over the place doing something ridiculous or out of the ordinary because let’s think about this for a moment, they are celebrities and they are always being followed. So yeah, they are not doing that drug. I just wish that people would understand that you don’t have to do whatever these artists say or try to be like them on a daily basis. To put it simple: anyone “popping a Molly” is displaying stupidity at its finest.


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