Yes, you read that headline correctly. It appears the creators of the Paranormal Activity franchise are taking the major spotlight off of the family of the original castmembers and are redirecting the curse on a different group of unsuspecting victims. While the setting of the film is still California, the cast of next year’s Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is an all Latino cast, giving the franchise a more diverse appeal. Not that the film needed diversity. I mean, we were all just fine watching Katie’s family go to shambles at the hand of the occult…or whatever those freaky little happenings they were having with the kids was. But, nonetheless I can’t say i’m not happy to see a more cultured version of the franchise and from the looks of the trailer the new cast tie in pretty well with their predecessors. So, at least this installment won’t feel forced or as such a huge departure as Halloween III: Season of the Witch (snore fest) was from every single other Halloween film in the franchise. Although this installment is a spinoff, I think this is what the franchise needed to remove the blatant “Katie’s family is haunted” redundancy from the audiences view and refresh the series.

After being “marked,” Jesse begins to be pursued by mysterious forces while his family and friends try to save him. (

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of “The Marked Ones”.


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