The new NBA season has started and everyone is already buzzing about the Miami Heat becoming champions again and how no one in the league is able to beat them. The Philadelphia 76ers gave the Heat their first loss and the Nets gave them their second loss, which shows that they can be beaten. It’s funny because a few analysts said that Miami took a day off mentally because it was just the 76ers. So did they take the day off against the Nets? Now, I don’t remember champions taking days off and letting teams beat them because it is just “one game” or “a team that doesn’t match them on the court”. I never knew Michael Jordan and the Bulls taking a day off after they won a title. It was, “we are going to bust every team we play”. They played to win no matter the outcome. So how does that differ from the Heat? They are the champs and supposed to be the best team in the NBA, yet they are taking days off because it is a team who they feel they can beat? Michael Carter-Williams had a field day with 22pts, 7reb, 12ast, and 9stl. Evan Turner finished with 26 points with every other player on the team also in double digits. Yes, the Heat didn’t have Wade because of a sore knee. Funny how he played against the Nets and they still lost, so what’s supposed to stop the rest of the NBA from beating them? The 76ers did their job and came out and beat them for their first win of the season. If the Heat can beat the Bulls in the opener then they are supposed to beat the 76ers and the Nets. I hope they don’t take any more days off because this is going to be a long season, and if they find themselves on the other side of the losing column it’s not going to be good for them or the market.

The Knicks started the season off with a win against the Bucks. It was so sad because the Knicks had a 25 point lead going into halftime, but they let their guard down and stopped playing defense and the Bucks came back and almost beat them in the 4th quarter. The Knicks have the best all-around squad in the NBA and they have the potential to blow teams out. The second game they played was against the Bulls and I don’t know how they let them beat them or even get to a last second shot. I don’t understand how a team that only has Derrick Rose as their scorer, who didn’t even shoot well, beat them in the game. The Knicks are going to be giving people headaches and heart attacks because they do not use all of the talent they have. They just want to jack threes on the court. It is amazing to me that in the fourth quarter they do not want to continue to play team ball. It’s just like everyone wants to be the hero although the entire team will get the props they deserve. I hope they wake up and realize that they have the potential to be a great team. I wish they would wake up.

The Brooklyn Nets started the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers and lost. Now I see this is going to be a long season for them because they were the best team on the court that night. The Nets have 5 all-stars on the court at the same time and lost to a team that only has Kyrie Irving, though he can score at will. Yeah, they have Dion Waiters but he has not shown that he can consistently score when they need him to. However, that night he was ready and gave them a big push in the fourth quarter. I hope the Nets can show that they can be a member of the top 3 teams in the playoffs like everyone says they are going to be. When you lose to a team that doesn’t match the potential you have with 5 all-stars, it makes you look like you spent all that money for no reason. Then they played the Heat . It was a game that everyone was tuned in on because of the feud between Paul Pierce and KG against LeBron and Wade. They came out and played and handled business, and showed that they are a top 3 team. I’m glad I was able to watch a good game.

The LA Lakers proved on the first game of the season that they can play any team in the NBA without Kobe Bryant. They beat the so-called top 3 team, the LA Clippers, in the first game of the season and proved a lot of people wrong. They lost to the Warriors in the second game of the season, but Klay Thompson had a 38 point game and you really can’t do anything about that. They played the Spurs and almost won that game, but came up short. The Lakers will be an alright team this year and when Kobe comes back on Christmas they will be playoff worthy.

The LA Clippers lost to the Lakers, beat the Warriors and the Kings, and now everyone is saying that they are championship worthy. If the Clippers do not get Blake Griffin and Chris Paul on the same page (I am not talking about Lob City) and Blake doesn’t get BIG on the court, then the Clippers will not win a playoff series or a title. I don’t see the Clippers getting past the first round of the playoffs (unless they play the Kings), especially if Chris Paul is the only one that is a bulldog on the court.

The Spurs are the oldest team in the NBA and they are looking forward to this season after last season. They came into the season winning their first two games, and the second win was without Tim Duncan who has chest contusions. I see the Spurs being a top team again as long as Tim Duncan and Tony Parker stay healthy and Manu Ginóbili continues to do his thing and not turn the ball over. Look out for the Spurs.

The Houston Rockets started the season 2-0 with Dwight Howard and James Harden having field days on the court. If they continue to stay hot and play as a team without any altercations between the two superstars, they have a legitimate chance of winning. They are a fun team to watch and a team that can get hot at any time, but they have to play defense and not just depend on Dwight to play it for them.


OKC started the season 1 – 1 without Russel Westbrook. Durant has had to carry the load. They beat Utah and lost to Minnesota. If Durant does not get Westbrook back on the court to help him they will not make it past the 1st round of the playoffs, even if Durant averages 40 points a game. He needs his boy back ASAP.

This NBA season is going to be great because of how the underdogs have become playoff worthy. The Warriors, Cavaliers, Nuggets and Timberwolves are going to show a lot of analysts that they are better this year. The Lakers have always been good, but are considered underdogs without Kobe. With the talent and potential they have I can’t see why the Lakers will not at least make it to the eighth seed. I hope a lot of analysts see these teams rising to the occasion during the season and understand that you can’t just write a team off because they don’t have the Lebron’s, Durant’s or Melo’s of the world on their team. It takes team ball to win and one person can’t beat a team.


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