Money Not Showing Its Worth for the Brooklyn Nets

Posted: November 25, 2013 by authorjcopeland in Sports
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The New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn and received a new set of All-Stars during the offseason. Last year they were fighting for that New York power against the Knicks and got the 4th seed for a spot in the playoffs. They met the Bulls in the first round and got beaten without Derrick Rose playing. Did that hurt the confidence of the Nets or is that just a crazy question?

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry were the new additions to the team over the summer. Can we say, “Wow!” to that pickup? The team already has Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson. When you look at that on paper you just think championship, but they can’t even win games on the road against teams they should be blowing out. They have lost to Cleveland, Orlando, Charlotte, Boston, Indiana, Sacramento, and the LA Clippers. Six of those games were away and then they lost to the Pacers at home. It’s a sad, sad day for fans. If Pierce and Garnett had stayed in Boston they probably would have a better chance of getting to the championship.

Jason Kidd is a brand new coach in the league and this is going to be a long, hard season for him if he cannot get this team some wins. They have all that talent and there is no reason they cannot be above .500, fighting with the Pacers or Heat right now for the top spot. I am just flabbergasted at the amount of money they have spent to get to the promised land and can’t even get past the freaking Bobcats. Deron Williams is making 98 million dollars. It is amazing to me that this man can’t stay healthy or play to his potential, but he can get coaches fired. Looks like this man needs to get a pay cut until he starts showing that he is worth all of that money.

Yes, it is the beginning of the season, but it is obvious that the Nets suck right now. It’s bad enough the Knicks can’t even win a few games, but good lord, the battle for New York is basically a waste because both teams look like D-League teams on the court. That is not good entertainment. Who wants to see two sucky teams battle each other for New York supremacy? Neither team is going to have a winning record with the way they are playing right now.

Brooklyn better wake up and smell the roses because you can’t sell tickets to people and lose to teams that have no reason beating you. There are too many All-Stars on one team to be losing to mediocre teams with just one or two All-Stars. I feel like it’s the Lakers all over again with Malone, Payton, Shaq and Kobe. Step your game up and stop wasting people’s time and money by losing to teams that are not even in your class.


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