In the beginning of the season I did a post about the Knicks having the pieces to have a championship team this year. Man, was I freaking wrong on that one. These dudes are a very big joke and the sad part is it’s only December. What in the world is going on with this team and all this talent? No one in their right mind can blame Mike Woodson because he is a great coach. The players are truly the main reason this season is a big waste. No one on the team is playing for 48 minutes. Yet, they expect to win the game.

Andrea Bargnani is getting paid 11 million dollars and can’t even play defense against anyone in the league. The biggest punk I have ever seen who is scared to get in the paint and get dirty, wants to look around for help, like dude you are 7’0ft tall and can’t even play defense for 48 minutes. I am so disgusted with that dude it makes me want to throw up.

J.R. Smith, Mr. I want to take pictures of players sleeping and post them on Instagram like my team is not on a losing streak. Mr. I can’t even make a jump-shot when I need to help the team but I make 5 million dollars so I don’t care. Man, I don’t want to hear about any excuses on his repaired knee because he is not taking care of his body. Man, please get outta here with that mess. Freaking Iman Shumpert tore his ACL and came back playing like nothing even happened to him. If J.R took care of himself he wouldn’t have to worry about complaining about his knee. I am sick of the crying and complaining and we are going to win a championship this year. Man shut up and get a jumper.

I can’t even be mad at Carmelo Anthony because he is the only player on the team trying to get his team over the hump and win. What can you really say about him? Oh, what? He so-called doesn’t play any defense? Man get off that crap and look at all these other players in the league who do not play any defense at all. This man is carrying a team on his back because the other players act like because they play in New York at Madison Square Garden they are just going to win every game. News flash: Wake up and smell the coffee!

Where is the DEFENSE for the New York Knicks? Tyson Chandler gets injured and all of a sudden they forget what DEFENSE means. Teams in the restricted area are shooting 61 % in the paint and 40% from behind the arc. But teams as a whole are shooting 46% from the field and 36% from the 3 point line and averaging 100 points per game. Hold on, I thought that these were NBA players on the court. Wait, these ARE NBA players on the court and oh yeah, it IS part of the game to play DEFENSE. Isn’t that what they get paid for and what fans come to see along with the wins. Well man, they need to give up some of that money they are making or lower the prices of the seats for fans because they are not playing up to the potential that they can easily have. I didn’t know that you won games just on offense. The Knicks are 3-13 on a 9 game losing streak for the season. It’s not even halfway through the season and they are not going to make the playoffs this year. 1-7 at home and 2-6 on the road. Man, get outta here with that.

Aww, are you sad because Melo said he wants to try free agency this year. I mean can you blame the dude for taking the talent he has and trying to get on a championship team. Trying to be the next superstar to test a free agency that he never had a chance to do during his time in the league. Every player wants to do that in the league, it’s just this man actually came out and said it. I don’t blame that man and yeah, I see him going to LA and playing with The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant because at least he knows that he will have someone on his team that wants that ring as bad as him. If I was a player I would not even want to step foot on the court because of how bad they are playing. You can’t be mad at ‘Melo for trying to better himself to move forward for his family. The Knicks will never get any real players for that team because they are paying Amare too much money and he can’t play more than 12 minutes of a game because of his bad knees, but wants to fuss and say he needs to be on the court. I feel like I am watching a team with a bunch of cry babies who just want to make money instead of wanting a ring. I bet Spike Lee doesn’t even want to show his face at the Garden anymore because he would be wasting valuable time because they suck right now. Man get it together or start trading players for people who want to play at the garden and play with ‘Melo. In all actuality get rid of J.R Smith and Bargnani and get a big man who plays defense and a guard who can score and will think before speaking and then we might have a winning team.


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