Yes, you read that title correctly. I recently stumbled upon a documentary about the appropriation of black culture or more specifically black hip-hop culture by white males. Wigger, a term I am not unfamiliar with, is essentially the combination of the word white and the word “n*gger”. And while that may seem a bit jarring to some of you, this is a real term used by real people to describe white men who “act black”. I put the phrase act black in parentheses because that entire phrase insinuates that all black people act one way and that black culture or the black experience can be deduced to a simple two-word phrase. While I do not like the term Wigger any more than I like the N-word, I feel this documentary sheds light on an existing and interesting issue in America: White males who emulate black hip-hop artists and hip-hop culture.

P.S.: I know some of you reading this and seeing the image of the boy with the swastika on his wall are probably cringing, just as I did before the next scene in the film, but before you watch the trailer just know that this image gets flipped in a more positive way in the trailer for the documentary. I have not yet seen this film, but would love to watch it if I am able to procure a copy or if I encounter it online. With that said, check out the trailer below and feel free to comment below and express your opinion on the trailer as long as you establish and maintain a respective tone.

A documentary film on the American cultural stereotype of Wiggers–White rap fans who ‘act Black’. Featuring those whose lives were forever changed by hip hop. [Film Festivals and Indie Films]

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