Fans of the NBA know that the Clippers/Warriors games are the best basketball competitions that are shown on TV. I’m so happy that they play each other four times because you never know what is going to happen on the court. Well, there is one thing you know, and that is it’s going to be some bad blood and physical play. It reminds me of the 90’s where players could get clotheslined or hit hard when entering the paint, or my favorite, when everyone leaves the bench to get into the mix of a battle. Well, in today’s NBA the closest you are going to get to that is a Clippers/Warriors game. However, the Clippers are crying about the Warriors not being professional on the court and saying they are being cowardly, now that’s funny to me.

The first season Mark Jackson became the Warriors’ coach they were just throwing alley oops and playing around because they were beating them by 20 to 25pts. Who, in their right mind, would not be upset if they were on the other team? So Mark Jackson got the Warriors to play physical and get into their head. It has been working ever since. The Warriors are 8-5 against the Clippers since the beginning of the 2012 season. Looks to me like the Warriors have the Clippers number especially when they are leading 113 to 83 over the past 196 games. The Warriors are going to be able to keep the streak going especially with the Splash Brothers and company going to work.

I hope that both of these teams meet this year in the playoffs because it will be a great seven game series. I know this for a fact because people love physical play, but I might be wrong because half the world are bandwagon Heat fans so I might just be by myself on what’s good basketball.


  1. […] if they meet–or at the very least, take them to a seven game series–and that’s the Golden State Warriors. Everyone knows that they don’t like one another and there’s some bad blood all around. […]


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