Curry’s Spicing up the NBA

Posted: January 9, 2014 by authorjcopeland in Entertainment, Sports
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I have been watching Stephen Curry since he played at Davidson. Curry averaged 25 points per game there, but he didn’t put up anything under 30 points. The man was straight water from anywhere on the court and he mostly stayed behind the three-point line, killing opponents with that sweet stroke his dad gave him from birth. Now, if you don’t know his dad, his name is Dell Curry. He played for the NBA on five different teams and that man could shoot and rarely miss.

Curry was drafted by Golden State in 2009 7th round draft pick, but he really shouldn’t have gotten picked that late especially behind Johnny Flynn, Ricky Rubio, Haseem Thabeet, Tyreke Evans, James Harden and Blake Griffin. Out of all those draft picks he was the best person coming out with a debate between him and James Harden. Blake Griffin has not shown any new progress for his game after being in the league this long and being drafted number 1. Curry really has flourished since the draft and he continues to make his game better and more fluid especially with his dribbling and shooting. Good Lord this man can shoot the rock with ease and without hesitation.

For the first few seasons no one could really see the potential that Curry had because his ankles were giving out on him the entire time he was playing. He just could not stay healthy and on the court. When Mark Jackson became the coach, everything changed for him and he showed that he is a superstar in the making, but I believe he already is. Curry didn’t make the all-star team last year and Mark Jackson let everyone know exactly how he felt about the terrible voting. Curry showed his talent the rest of the year when he averaged 23 points and 10 assists to lead Golden State to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. No one had this team on their radar at all until Curry and company showed that they were ready for the postseason. They came out the first round beating the Nuggets 4-2 and lost to the Spurs 2-4, but it showed everyone that the next season was going to be a show-out season.

It’s a new season for the Warriors and they are showing out with a winning streak that has reached 9 straight for the first time since 1975. No one expected that from them this season. It’s only 36 games into the season and Curry is averaging 23 points and 9 assists right now, but can easily shatter that by the time they hit the playoffs. When the games get big against the Heat or any other team that is playoff bound, he is putting up over 30 and shooting over 40 percent from the 3 point line. It doesn’t matter who is checking him because they are on skates and jumping at nothing because the ball is already in the basket.

It’s almost time for the all-star game and sadly the Warriors do not play enough basketball on TV for people to actually see Curry’s domination on the court. Most people just vote for players they know from Sportscenter, which is how he did not make the team last year. I truly will be upset if he doesn’t make it because he makes people look stupid on the court and his passing game is phenomenal. Mark Jackson has even said that he is the best player, shooter, and passer in the world and if he doesn’t make the all-star team he will retire. I for one will speak my mind if he doesn’t make the team this year. Nevertheless, I especially can’t wait for the playoffs because it will be a show in the making. Straight Water, Splash Brothers style.


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