Kevin Durant was in college for one year as a freshman at Texas and oh boy did he ever show that he was ready for the NBA. Durant averaged 26 points and 11 rebounds during his college career. He showed out for that one season. I watched him play as much as I could because he came from Suitland, Maryland and I lived in Capitol Heights, Maryland, so I had to show my respect and represent for the home state. It did not matter where he was on the court because the ball was going through the hoop and he was the next big thing. Durant and the Longhorns made it to the second round of the conference and ended up getting defeated by the University of Southern California, but his future was a bright one and he did not disappoint anyone.

Kevin Durant was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 2007 and with the height and mobility he has, he was considered the next Scottie Pippen, but with a better jump shot. That being said, Durant was just a skinny dude to most people so no one expected him to show out like he did in the first season of his NBA career. But, he surprised everyone. No one had seen a young man performing as he was (scoring 30 points per night) in the NBA after just one year of college under his belt. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were the only athletes who came close to Durant in scoring during their league debut. But, his true test came later when he faced the Lakers for his very first appearance in the playoffs and his team lost in the first round. He was able to rebound his team the next year against the Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals but lost 4-2. In a later season he got his revenge against the Mavericks and was able to make it to the Finals to the play the Miami Heat and face LeBron James. They lost to them 4-1, but during that time he averaged 30 points per game while shooting over 57 percent from the field and that is very impressive for someone on that big stage for the first time. The ups and downs he has encountered through the years have shown that he can be the best in the game and he is proving it right now.

Durant, since Westbrook has been injured, has been averaging 31 points per game becoming the main focus for the Thunder. It did not work out too much for him in last year’s playoffs when Westbrook went down, but boy did he ever show he could evolve his game after that season.

 Over the past 11 games the Thunder are 8-3. Durant has been averaging 38 points per game and has put up over 54 points for two of those games and 46 for the past 8 games while also continuing to shoot over 52 percent from the field. How can you overlook this man for MVP when he is single-handedly taking his team to a record of 23-5? All together they are 32-10 with second place in the western conference. I can see that while Westbrook is out Durant will continue to carry the load for the team. The past few years that I previously mentioned in this post have shown that he is taking his game to a level where he cannot be touched by using that height and athleticism God gave him to his best ability. Who in the NBA right now can go out on the court and say they are going to stop this man from putting up 30 points? No one! This includes LeBron James because Durant averaged 30 points against him in the finals while shooting over 52 percent. Durant does not have to get to the free throw line because he can sit back behind it and drain three’s like they are free throws all day long. No one has stopped this man yet. This man who posesses the potential and the skill to surpass Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA’s scoring leader. He has shown that he will continue to carry the load while Westbrook is sidelined until after the All-Star break and I don’t doubt it. After all, it’s Kevin Durant. What more can you say?



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