Just when I was starting to somewhat get over the injustice displayed in the George Zimmerman verdict, I discover Zimmerman himself wants to take up Celebrity Boxing. As if his many antics and outright despicable behavior in the weeks and months following the highly publicized trial weren’t bad enough, this guy has the nerve to try to profit from his victim’s death at the expense of America’s morals, ethics, and values.

While I admit my initial reaction to the news that Zimmerman wanted to box anyone…even a black person (I’m paraphrasing what he said), all of the rage and resentment toward this man wanted to see him finally get what he deserved. However, after some time passed and I saw how the media (social and informational) sensationalized this event and has been going to great lengths to exploit the death of Trayvon Martin, I began to feel bad, dirty even. I came to my senses and began to think about my humanity and the emotions that flowed throughout my being as the verdict of the trial was delegated. I began to think this boxing idea was not such a great idea. In fact, I began to think of it as quite disgusting.

Here we have this man who shot and killed a defenseless young adult. A man who despite the faulty evidence and testimonies of the trial that left many potholes in his story, gets a not-guilty verdict. A man who after literally getting away with murder concocts a story of him being some sort of superhero which we later discover was completely faked and false. A man whose own wife left him after the trial because of his crazy, aggressiveness toward her and her father i.e. the iPad, gun incident. A man who finds countless negative ways to make headlines and place himself back in the public eye, yet never gets reprimanded for his irrational and dangerous behavior. A man who makes a mockery of the judicial system. Are we really going to support this man by providing him the opportunity to further mock the American people and take advantage of a life he took to help exploit his superiority complex, his need for attention, and his and fight promoter Damon Feldman’s personal greed and shamelessness?

I think we must take into account the ripple effect of such an event and we must keep in mind that no matter the outcome of the fight, if it is to happen, no one really wins. The viewers of this fight won’t win. Even if he wins the fight, it won’t make DMX a hero. He won’t be immortalized or placed on a pedestal and whether he wins or not it won’t bring Trayvon Martin back and Zimmerman is still a free man roaming the streets. The people who didn’t like Zimmerman before will still dislike him. Zimmerman supporters will still support him. No one will be vindicated and those feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment brought on by the verdict of the trial will still linger on in our memories and in our beings. So tell me America, is this the way we do things? Do we give murderers the spotlight and allow them to completely make a joke of a horrible situation? Do we allow known killers to profit from death and possibly spark up more racial tension in America?

I think we are smarter, more sensible, more sympathetic and understanding than that. I think this fight should not occur and this is why I have created a petition to prevent it from happening. And I am not alone. If you agree with me and the citizen who created the petition to thwart this fight, please sign it and show your support. Together we can make a difference. Let’s prove our humanity! Let’s show that we do not support race baiting and death profiting!


1. Change.Org – Petitioning Damon Feldman: Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match (Name/Address needed to sign petition)

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