The Inadequacies

Many people say, “Money Is The Root of All Evil!” But, many more would probably disagree. I, on the other hand am here to tell you that money doesn’t matter. Yes, it does matter in a, “Bills need to get paid. Food needs to be in the fridge type of way.” But, as the saying goes, “Money can’t buy you love.” And like my father told me many years ago, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” I know you are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with perception being reality?” Well, hold your horses there sport. I will get to that in a minute. Just follow me down the rabbit hole for a second and enjoy the ride.

The American Dream

As I was saying, money can’t buy you happiness. You’re probably thinking, “You’re wrong! Most of my unhappiness stems from financial problems therefore if I had money I’d have NO problems.” And the reason I make this assumption about YOU is because I thought this way for a long time when I was growing up. I thought about all the things I wanted. All the things we didn’t have. All the things we could have, if only we had more money. I would immediately smile while visualizing the list of the many new and improved things I could possess. No, we were not poor growing up. There were no days of hunger. We always had decent clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet and a comfortable bed to sleep in. In fact, my grandmother would buy us a new gaming console just about every time one debuted. Yet, I knew we were not rich and I always yearned for more, thinking that more things meant more happiness. Little did I know at the time that my idea of The American Dream was a life of excess and materialism.


The Beach

Well folks, after many years of living and truly experiencing what money can and cannot do, I have  finally realized that what my dad said those many years ago is true. Money can’t buy you happiness. Here’s how I know. As someone who doesn’t have an exorbitant amount of money I know what it is like to fantasize about the many things I could do with my winnings if I ever won the lottery. Here’s the thing; those brief moments of splendor I experience while visualizing myself at an exotic location, sipping an exotic drink with some exotic woman actually send real signals to my brain to tell my body I am happy. No, this beach visualization happiness isn’t permanent. But, it IS enough to hold me over for an adequate amount of time. And although it felt like a dream, it is the possibility and anticipation of the beach concept one day becoming a reality that fuels that temporary burst of real happiness.


The Matrix Possibility

Now, think about a time of great happiness in your life. Maybe you took a vacation across country, went skydiving, spent a week on a family cruise, etc. When you think of this situation the thought of it probably still fills your body with happiness. But, it’s only temporary. In fact, at this point, the event you thought of might even feel like a dream, similar to my aforementioned imaginary beach trip. Of course, the time you spent on your memorable event actually happened. But, did it? Your perception is that it was more than just a dream. Your perception of the food you ate, the music you listened to and the people you partied with while you were there says it was a real experience. Yet, you could still ponder the possibility that it never took place. In other words, your perception makes that memorable event reality. To further my point, let’s talk about real dreams.

The Positive

In dreams, do your feet running across a field feel real? Does the object of your affection come to life in those brief moments? Can a passionate kiss not feel like a genuine experience? So real, that it could even result in your body physically reacting outside of the dream? I once had a nightmare that I perceived to be so real I woke up yelling in the middle of the night. Perception is reality folks. So, “What’s the purpose of this concept and how does this help me?” you might ask. Well, it all comes down to the notion that your body responds to your demeanor resulting in perception becoming reality. If you think negative thoughts your body will respond accordingly. People with illnesses who maintain a positive outlook during their illness have a faster recovery rate than those who don’t. To refer back to the monetary issue. You don’t need money for happiness. And the major problem is that so many people focus on what they don’t have that they forget what they do and end up unhappy. If you perceive a walk in the park to be comforting or associate spending precious time with a lover, friend or soul mate with happiness, you will be happy. We must rewire our thought processes.

The Power

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is real power in money. It can and has done wonderful things for many people. But, maybe we should take the emphasis off of money, materialism, and the attainment of things in our everyday lives and overall culture. Maybe we should focus more on how we perceive our situations. Maybe we should search for and value that which is most important: our time and our emotional well-being. True power comes from the ability to balance and achieve harmony. Perception is Reality folks! What is your perception of the your current situation?The world? Your day? This moment? And do you agree that perception is reality or feel otherwise? Leave a comment in the comments section and let me know what you think.

What Do You Think?

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