No NBA fan will sit and waste their time watching the Toronto Raptors. The only people who watch the team are fans in Canada. Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry were the only ones making a name for themselves until Terrence Ross came out of the wood work.

Terrence Ross first showed up in the dunk contest where he took home the trophy in 2013 as a rookie. People were astonished because no one had seen his game before that day when he put his dunking skills on the map. He came from the University of Washington. He played 35 games as a collegiate player and averaged 8 points per game but had spurts of 20 points when he got the chance to shine. Then he was drafted by the Raptors in the first round as the 8th pick in the 2012-2013 season. The Raptors must have known something that no one else knew because he turned out to be a promising pick for them.

This year he has shown that he is explosive and he certainly has not disappointed. The Los Angeles Clippers came into town and everyone knew they were going to win and it was going to be an easy game. I mean, who doesn’t think that when playing against the Raptors. Well, Demar Derozan hurt himself during the game and everyone in the stadium just knew that it was going to be a blowout. Terrence Ross changed everyone’s mind when he came into the game and dropped 51 points out of nowhere. Who knew that this dude was going to drop buckets? He averages 10 points per game, so who expected that? They only lost by 8 points but Terrence tried his best to keep them in the game and will a win. It was a great game for him, but they are not on TV enough to watch, and even if you have the NBA League Pass you are not going to watch the game even if it is the Clippers playing. Well he wasn’t done because the next game, against the Denver Nuggets, he showed out again. The “Manimal” Kenneth Faried got some medicine that he didn’t want to take that night and oh boy did Terrence Ross provide it to him. He went sky high and flushed it in his grill just to make a statement: I AM HERE. I, for one, will be trying to catch as many games by the Raptors just to see this man give out highlight dunks and demonstrate his great scoring ability. He has made me a fan and I hope everyone will now take notice of this team.

Check out Terrence Ross’ NBA All Star dunk competition performance at 8pm tonight on TNT.


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