This Week(nd) in Hip-Hop: Some of The Weeknd’s Best Remixes

Posted: February 20, 2014 by Speed on the Beat in Music, The Week In Music
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Yeah…it’s one of those…

Greetings, all.

If you’ve followed my personal page, you know that I am a fan of The Weeknd. If you have never followed my personal page, you now know that I am a fan of The Weeknd. Granted, yes, a lot of his songs have a similar NSFW/somewhat whiny vibe to them, but when he’s on, he’s on. I consider him to be akin to Michael Jackson–if MJ was a “[potentially hypersexualized] 20-something in [2010s] hip-hop-tinged pseudo-alt-R&B (link contains NSFW language and potentially photography) where it’s cool to sing about drugging your problems away” and/or sexing them away, only for them to return when you’re “coming down.” This weekend, he dropped, to me, one of the best “Drunk in Love” remixes. In hearing about his “two-for powers” with the ladies, it got me thinking about some of Mr. Tesfaye’s other remixes. For this week’s edition of #TWIHH, I’d like to explore a couple of them. I’ll try not to make lists a permanent thing, but the “DIL” remix made me do it.

The Weeknd x Lorde – “Royals”

Here, we take a dystopian look at New Zealand’s class struggles, strip any potentially “ironic” happiness the original production possessed, and leave a bare-bones rendition of one of the most hyped songs of 2013. Released a couple of weeks before Kiss Land, the track doesn’t feature as much Weeknd vocally as some would like to hear, but it still possesses that bleak atmospheric sound we’ve come to know from The Weeknd.

The Weeknd – “Drunk in Love”

Just to forewarn, this version is explicit. The aforementioned “DIL” remix turned the concept on its literal head. It’s what you’d expect from a Weeknd remix of a song about drinking. But, somehow, it still grabs you and doesn’t let go. It’s haunting. It’s smooth. It’s sensual, even though, it should (potentially) make your skin crawl at how much of a grade-A D-Bag he seems to be in some of his tracks.

The Weeknd – “Trust Issues”

What happens when you take one T-Dot artist who’s insecure about women’s intentions and give him a track originally from another T-Dot artist with similar interests/feelings? You get The Weeknd’s “Trust Issues” mix. Honestly, I still prefer this version to Drake’s three years or so later. But then again, with Take Care-era Drake, some of his better songs from that time were Weeknd-like (or featured an OVOXO collabo)

Kavinsky ft. The Weeknd – “Odd Look (Remix)”

‘Nuff said. Also, watch the original video for the original version of this song. Think Drive meets electronica-like music.

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