The NBA season is almost over so it is time to think about the playoffs and the finals. The Oklahoma City Thunder have the best chance to win the championship. This will be the most amazing playoffs in the Western Conference because everyone is coming for them, but the Thunder will be the team to take it.

Russell Westbrook was injured half the season, but Kevin Durant carried the load, beating the elite teams in the West. Durant has had 11 40-point games and he is not stopping, reaching that level once again in Tuesday’s game against the Houston Rockets. Westbrook returned from his injury after the All-Star game and since then the Thunder’s record is 4-7, but that will not stop them from showing out in the playoffs. They have shown that they can beat teams like Houston, Golden State, San Antonio, and the Clippers, and well those are basically the only teams you need to worry about. Durant has averaged over 30 points per game against those teams and Westbrook will make sure that he gets his on the court as well. None of the point guards that go up against him can stop him. Not even a great defensive player like Patrick Beverly will be able to guard him. Westbrook has a target on him and will be going at him hard every time they play.

I never thought that OKC would have a real rival team in the NBA, but man did it happen. Everyone is stuck on Durant versus LeBron but that is irrelevant because they play twice a year and the only thing hype about them is the MVP race. Their true rival can be found in the Houston Rockets. The tension is high and they are very exciting to watch when they meet. The funny thing is, Patrick Beverly started the rivalry when he hurt Westbrook last year. Durant stepped up to knock them out of the playoffs and man, that made them upset. People are all hyped because Houston has Dwight Howard, but like I wrote in my last post Houston, Dwight Will Be a Problem he does not play elite basketball against teams that have a center or power forward who can match his talent and toughness. In Tuesday’s game he was 4-12 from the field and  has only averaged 12 points against Ibaka the entire season. This type of challenge would make for a great championship series. I already know that it depends on the seeds that the teams achieve, but what’s best for business is a showdown either between the Clippers and Warriors or the Thunder and Rockets.


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