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The season started rocky for the Los Angeles Clippers, but since the All-Star break they have been showing teams that they are competing for the championship. The Clippers were never a team that you would put in the same sentence with “playoff team”. No one in their right mind would even say they’d go see a Clippers game…unless they were a hardcore fan. The moves that they have made over the years have changed the dynamic of the entire franchise. Can we actually say right now that the Lakers are now the Clippers and that the Clippers are the new show in town? It’s so funny because they share the same arena but the Clippers were never filling seats. Well, welcome to town Blake Griffin and Chris Paul and hello playoffs and possibly a championship. Let’s look at the facts right now and see if they are worthy of and ready for that big step.

Jamal Crawford is the best sixth man in the league and who wouldn’t want to have him off the bench on their team. JJ Reddick and Jared Dudley were great pickups for them and they are lights out 3 point shooters. Darren Collison is another point guard that has the talent to show and improve as a backup for Chris Paul. Collison can average 15 points per game if needed and can dish the ball just as good. Danny Granger got traded from the Pacers to the Sixers and decided to buy out his contract to go to a championship squad where he will get the time. I know he has a big smile on his face right now being able to know what it feels like to play in the playoffs and actually compete. Looking at everyone I just named along with Griffin and Paul, they can make it to the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. But, I do see a team that could stop them if they meet–or at the very least, take them to a seven game series–and that’s the Golden State Warriors. Everyone knows that they don’t like one another and there’s some bad blood all around. But, no one knows if Doc Rivers is going to tell them to just play basketball and not allow them to get into their heads. And with the pitbull Chris Paul, I actually don’t see them avoiding a few technical fouls here and there. This year can be a great year for the Clippers if they don’t meet up with the Warriors, but man will it be the best series on TV and for basketball.

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