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From the Icon himself:

Now I’m sure you don’t wanna hear a boring ass write up or something from anyone else explaining this project besides me so I’ll give you exactly what you want… 2007 I took a leap of faith and decided that I was gonna pursue music full-time with little to no experience in the music business. My goals have been to connect with teens like me who’ve been abused (physically & sexually) and give them inspiration by showing them that no matter how rough life can be, you can channel your energy into something that is positive and prosper. Over the past few years I’ve release[d] a number of projects that represent different stages in my life reflecting on what I’ve experienced and ICON is no different…” (Nike Nando)


Nike Nando – ICON: Lord Of The Flyy
1. Kingdom [Prod. Drew Beats]
2. Super Nike Nando II [Prod. Nike Nando]
3. Glow (Feat. Cayan) [Prod. Drew Beats]
4. Put Me On [Prod. Nike Nando]
5. Majin Vageta [Prod. Johnny Juliano]
6. The Low Down [Prod. NightRyder]
7. Caught In Lust (Feat. Dugee F. Buller) [Skit]
8. You Don’t Own Me [Prod. Sparkz Beats]
9. StarFox [Prod. Nike Nando]
10. Luh Me Doe (Feat. Rolls Royce Rizzy)
11. Hillfiger (Feat. Cayan)
12. M.O.B. [Prod. DeuceTheMusic]
13. What It Takes (Feat. Prince Akeem & Valleo) [Prod. Friendzone]
14. There She Go (Feat. Robbie Celeste) [Prod. Robbie Celeste]
15. Story Of My Life (Feat. Pop Smoothe) [Prod. Just Misfit]
Executive Producer(s)
Nike Nando x DeuceTheMusic
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Sinitus Tempo-Haru

Known for his old school samples and anime influences, Sinitus Tempo has been releasing countless projects for the last few years and making a name for himself in the instrumental realm. His latest project “Haru” demonstrates not just his knack for creating great music, but also his ability to collaborate with other artists to formulate a great project. With its mellow vibes and jazzy appeal, Haru is a melodic journey through various sounds and cultural influences. Each song tells a story, even without the use of words. Branded as “Nu Jazz” Sinitus partnered up with Julian Law – Trumpet, Oliver Cura – Trombone, Shaun Liu – Alto Sax (solo); and did the drums, vibes, and sample cuts himself. For those looking for a departure from your typical genre, be sure to listen to and download this project. It has many musical gems that appeal to everyone from the everyday hip-hopper to the classical composer to the jazz enthusiast. I highly recommend it and I will definitely keep my ears to the internet and keep you updated on any future releases from Sinitus Tempo and his Bliss Eternal Entertainment group.

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