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Life of a King is the unlikely true story of Eugene Brown and his one-man mission to give inner-city kids of Washington D.C. something he never had – a future.  He discovered a multitude of life lessons through the game of chess during his 18-year incarceration for bank robbery.  After his release and reentry into the workforce, Eugene developed and founded the Big Chair Chess Club to get kids off the streets and working towards lives they never believed they were capable of due to circumstances.  From his daring introductory chess lessons to a group of unruly high school students in detention to the development of the Club and the teens’ first local chess competitions, this movie reveals his difficult, inspirational journey and how he changed the lives of a group of teens with no endgame.” [Source]

Release Date: January 17, 2014

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Haysbert, LisaGay Hamilton and more.

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One thing you may or may not know about me is that I love watching TED talks  (Technology, Entertainment, Design) online. They are not only informative and entertaining, but awe-inspiring. During one of my random TED Talk viewing sessions I managed to stumble upon three videos whose messages echoed in my head. Echoed so loudly that I wanted to echo them to you. But, before you watch these three videos, think about your life as it is today, in this very moment and I want you to honestly answer these questions: Are you happy with what you are doing at this very moment? Does what you do on a daily basis bring fulfillment to your life? To others’ lives? Could your life be better? Keep these questions and your answers in mind while you watch these three life-changing videos and remember that we all have a purpose. Check out the videos below and enjoy!

Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW

How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes: Adam Leipzig at TEDxMalibu

How to find and do work you love: Scott Dinsmore at TEDxGoldenGatePark


When I think of Russell Brand, the words political and activist don’t initially come to mind. But, in his Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC last week, he spoke about a bevy of problems with the current U.S. political system. He also shed a much needed light on the existence of corporate exploitation, elitism, the greater good for man, the possibility of a revolution, the problems with profit in society, classism, and many other important socioeconomic, environmental and political issues.

During the ten plus minutes of his interview, I couldn’t help but think that if more U.S. citizens shared his outlook on today’s society – a realistic vision – Americans would revolt, would change our political system, and as a result would be a lot happier with our new government (a true government whose sole purpose is to provide what is in the best interest of its citizens, not corporations) and our new society (the proper and just society) as a whole.

Ladies and gentleman when I say we need more forward thinkers and realists like Russell Brand that is an understatement. We need all influential citizens to acknowledge the current and preexisting flaws of the system, to stop observing the world through rose colored lenses and truly take note of what the country has become: a governed society whose focus is more on the good of the individual (I) rather than the good of mankind (we).

With that said, I do realize Brand’s antidotes for the major issues of modern society may seem a little out of reach and to some, probably damn near impossible. But, at the risk of sounding like a utopian (as if that’s a bad thing), I think that if humanity and more specifically Americans were to focus more on our humanness (mankind) and worked toward a common goal of providing practical accompaniments like universal healthcare, livable wages, and a government that fulfills the needs of its citizens for every U.S. citizen, America truly would be the great country it so boastfully prides itself on being. I see the weak links in the societal chain and I strongly agree with Brand that we need a revolution and I have felt this way long before I even saw this interview. The only questions left to ask are how much longer will it take before we (the 99%) reach our boiling point and when that finally happens, what role will we play? Will we make sh*t stuff happen or watch sh*t stuff happen? Think about it! Check out the interview below and let me know what you think about the interview or my perspective on the issues by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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On Friday April 19th, DMV Live Radio goes green with music. To help celebrate Earth Day, the radio show is hosting a special music event for the lovers of hip-hop around the web. The performances will be broadcasted live via podcast from 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm. Performers include former DMG front-man Nike Nando, ArtLyfEnt’s JCA, DMVLiveRadio’s own Fresco Sounds, University of Maryland graduates Brain Rapp and Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, and Hippie Life Krew’s Kaye Trill. The Going Green Event will plant a host of new music in your inner lobe. Nike Nando will be dropping some fresh produce from his latest project “SPRDLV“. Kaye Trill will be unpacking some new tunes from his latest effort “Sex BBQ“. Paperboy will be delivering some quality music from his latest project “The Paper Route” and much more new music from the other performers. This is going to be an event you won’t want to miss and you won’t have to if you go to from 7:30 to 10:00pm on April 19th and listen in on some of the greatest hip-hop the D.C. metropolitan area has to offer. You can also click the e-flier below during the night of the show to be redirected to the live radio podcast. Tune in and let us know what you think.

Gong Green Event

12-22-12 Party

So I’m sure by now everyone knows that December 21, 2012 is the Mayan predicted day of destruction. If you didn’t know that, you sir or madame have been living under a rock for far too long. Hello! They even made a movie out of it. See 2012, circa 2009. LoL Anyway, I of course, think very differently about this predetermined day of reckoning. I feel that 12-21-12 is supposed to bring in positive change. After experiencing this year – which has proven to be a very difficult and trying year for myself and many others – I think that 2013 will actually be a year of more openness, clarity, triumph, and reconciliation. Despite that “unlucky” number 13 so conveniently placed at the end. December 21st, 2012 will be the opening ceremony for a new beginning. So, in commemoration of this historic day DMV Live Radio in partnership with ArtLyfEnt is hosting – The Day After Celebration – a free 21+ party on December 22, 2012 from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am at an up-and-coming venue in the Penn Quarter of DC called Penn Social. Located at 801 E Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20004 sits a 13,000 square foot, two-story entertainment venue known as Penn Social.

Here’s the Penn Social rundown: 3 bars, 40+ draft beers, billiards, skee ball, short-range basketball, shuffleboard, arcade games, a large dance floor, board games, 2 performance stages, a theater sized projector screen, countless large HDTV’s and a host of other attractions, nightly themes and drink specials to keep the playful mind entertained.

If any of this tickles your fancy you need to come out to The Day After Celebration on December 22, 2012 from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. It’s free all night, no dress code, no need for access passes, no lines to get in, and Fleet Dj’s own DJ Honey B will be providing the music entertainment for the evening. This is going to be a great party. Will you be there?

To add an extra level of heat to your meal try your meal with this spicy sauce I created.


  1. Ranch Dressing
  2. Cayenne Pepper
  3. Black Pepper
  4. Hot Sauce (Preferably Louisiana Style Crystal Hot Sauce)
  5. Garlic Powder
  6. Onion Powder
  7. Salsa (Diced Green Peppers, Diced White onions, tomato sauce or paste)

To increase or decrease the heat in this sauce, simply increase or decrease amounts of each ingredient at your leisure. You can also add hotter peppers to intensify the level of heat in this sauce.

#5 Our Football Team Has Kick Ass Under Armour Uniforms

#4 There is an S.G.A recognized Hip-Hop Club on campus: UMD Undergrounduates

#3 There is a radio show that provides free concerts every Friday: DMV Live Radio

#2 Many talented alumni and current students attend UMD: Jim Henson, Peter Rosenberg, Connie Chung, Aaron McGruder, Abel Battery, DP, The Official, Kriss Mincey, Kayla Taitz, Shegaw Productions, Camille Michelle Gray, Simisola, Ike DA Kid, and many, many more.

#1 I graduate from UMD in December! Yeeeeeaaaaahh!

As a lover of Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul, and a huge fan of both Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z and Neo-Soul crooner Maxwell, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a few weeks ago that a Miami-based, twin production team named Urban Noize made a mixtape featuring songs from Jay-Z’s American Gangster album blended with various Maxwell hits. The end result is what is known as a blend tape, or a mixtape that has beats of one genre combined with the vocals of an artist or group of a different genre. I was fortunate enough to come across this project titled Jay-Z & Maxwell – American Summer’s Night. After listening to the project, I was so elated to hear something so original derive from creatively producing and masterfully mixing the sounds of two of the greatest musicians of my time, that I knew I had to pick the brains of two of the most underrated up-and-coming producers. Urban Noize is composed of twins Steve and Steven. I recently had the opportunity to question Steven on the creative process of crafting a blend tape, his inspirations and his influences among many other things. This is what he had to say.

@Arteest1: So I know the two of you are twins. How does it feel to work with your brother making music?

@UrbanNoize: It feels great working with my brother because he understands me musically. As well as I do him. Most importantly, we share the same vision when it comes to music, which is progression.

@Arteest1: How long have you been making beats and who or what inspired you to start?

@UrbanNoize: We’ve been making beats for maybe about 8 years now. What inspired us was just being a fan of music. Whenever we’d listen to songs we loved, we’d always envision ourselves playing alongside our favorite artist. lol.

@Arteest1: You make some dynamic beats and are an amazing production duo. I have listened to your Jay-Z, Rihanna and Chris Brown mixtapes and I am very curious to know what influenced you to put your beats over big name artists songs and also create mash-ups/blends?

@UrbanNoize: Being fans of those artists definitely influenced us to remix their material. As well as just having a love for creating music and trying different things with it.

@Arteest1: What is the inspiration behind your beats and mixtapes?

@UrbanNoize: The inspiration comes from the production of the records, down to the performances that the artists give.

@Arteest1: Describe the artistic process in crafting one of your mixtapes.

@UrbanNoize: Well, when crafting mixtapes the ideal thing is to a create story and an experience. Not just throwing music together and calling it such and such. But bringing the listener and fan into the world of the artist.

@Arteest1: Name some music artists you have worked with.

@UrbanNoize: We haven’t worked with anyone yet, but we’re hoping to very soon.

@Arteest1: Who are some artists you would like to work with and possible producers you would like to collaborate with?

@UrbanNoize: One of the artists we’d like to work with would have to be Chris Brown. Honestly, because I feel like his mixtapes haven’t been his best. lol. But if we came together with the right vision, we could create a classic. As for producers, we’d love to learn from and work with danjahandz. Hands down, he’s one of the best in the game right now.

@Arteest1: Name a few projects that Urban Noize has already released.

@UrbanNoize: Some of the projects we’ve released are Jay-Z & Maxwell – American Summer’s Night, Chris Brown – Man In The Mirror, Rihanna – Last Girl On Earth Tourtape, and Beyonce and Lady Gaga – Fierce Fame.

@Arteest1: Where do you vision Urban Noize five years from now?

@UrbanNoize: Five years from now, we hope to be working with some of our favorite artists doing everything from producing songs to executive producing projects.

@Arteest1: What is the overall goal of your music?

@UrbanNoize: The goal of our music is to give people something different and to share the love we have for it.

@Arteest1: Where can people find and download your mixtapes and other music?

@UrbanNoize: One of the places you can download our mixtapes is Datpiff.  We have many more all over the place. lol.

@Arteest1: What would you like to say to any current and prospective fans of your music?

@UrbanNoize: Thanks for continuing to support and spread the word of our music. Without God bringing these people into our lives, we wouldn’t be who we are.

MESSAGE TO URBAN NOIZE: Thank you Steven for the interview! I appreciate you allowing me to share my love of Urban Noize’ music with the rest of  the world. Thank you Steve for partnering up with your brother to create genre-bending masterpieces. I wish both of you much success in the future.

MESSAGE TO MY READERS: If you are looking to download all of Urban Noize’ blend tapes, just Google them and you will see tons of websites that are currently hosting their projects. To stay up-to-date with them, follow them on twitter and don’t hesitate to show your appreciation with a tweet to them and a download of their music.

Goodbye DMVSavvy, Hello DMVunplugged!

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Not too long after my Beat Clash experience, I was back at UMD and looking for an internship. While searching through the new list of jobs and internships that were posted for English Majors, I came across an internship with a website called

It was August of 2009 and it was an up-and-coming music and entertainment website focused on shedding light on all things DMV related. There was a place for fashion, cinema, art, sports, pop-culture, and my area of expertise, music. Once I discovered this new opportunity I spoke with the intern coordinator for my school, submitted a piece of writing to the intern coordinator of the site and it was solidified. I was now a writer for I was so excited to actually write for a website. My internship was going to present mixtape review opportunities, mixtape release party attendances, and interviews of local hip-hop artists and singers, or so I thought. It all seemed too good to be true and I didn’t know just how right I would be. Due to the creators’ differing opinions about the direction of the site, it was disbanded and all its content was removed. After about a month and a half of being active, was now dead. And I had only written one review for the site within that time frame. This of course, while lowering my morale and leaving me questioning the status of my internship, made me become a more diligent writer when it came to my academic career.

I was now without an internship and for the next few days, I was in limbo. I had no idea of the fate of my internship or the site. Then, out of the blue one day, I get a call about another possible opportunity. Sheriff Taiwo, a co-creator and web designer of DMVSavvy contacted me and informed me of a new site he was working on. He said he’d seen my stuff on savvy and wanted to know if I was interested in writing for the new site. I, without hesitation accepted his offer and within a week or so was born.

It was a thing of beauty. The new site had new features and an even better format. I knew we had something special. My internship was then transferred to the new site and ties with Savvy had pretty much been severed. This for me wasn’t that big of a deal as I hadn’t been at savvy long enough to accrue any obligations to it. Plus, my relationship with the Unplugged staff was growing daily. Sheriff and his partner Ralph Bell pretty much gave me total creative control over what I wrote about, with the exception of a few write-ups that they requested specifically. But, I felt I finally had a permanent home for my writing; a place where I could finally have it seen on a larger scale and gain some exposure for myself, the site and up-and-coming DMV music artists. So it was officially goodbye DMVSavvy, hello DMVUnplugged!