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I have been a fan of the NBA since I was six. I remember sitting in my house and watching grown men play the game I knew I was going to play someday. I saw how physical the game could be with men getting punched in the face or even getting kicked in the stomach. My thoughts from watching them were, “man, those are some strong dudes. I want to be just like them, physical and tough.” I remember seeing Kurt Rambis, on a sports replay, getting clothes-lined in mid-air and getting back up like a “G.” I remember actually seeing Michael Jordan take a beating every game he played during the season and the playoffs, but he kept getting stronger and didn’t back down. This is what made him great. He didn’t cry to the ref because he was confident he would be able to handle whatever was thrown at him; look at how he fought Reggie Miller. He didn’t need the refs to take up for him. I loved the physicality that those men displayed every time they hit the court. Did people forget about how Pat Riley had the New York Knicks play? They were the main team in the NBA that had the rule that if anyone entered the paint they tasted the floor. Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, and even John Starks made sure that their presence was felt by giving a shot to the ribs or knocking someone on the floor once they drove to the paint. We also can’t forget about the toughness Indiana had with Antonio Davis, Dale Davis, Rik Smits, and Reggie Miller–who I mentioned before. Those were the best days in basketball.

During 2000-2006 players would cry to the referees and the ref would just brush it off with a look that seemed to say, “Just play the game.” They would let the game continue even when Shaq would give someone an elbow in the paint. Players just took it and dished it back. He was so big that it was hard to guard him, but guess what? Shaq didn’t win every game he played. In 2004, the Lakers lost to the Pistons in the Finals even with his physical play, which is why he has the nickname, The Diesel. Ben Wallace still played defense and helped his team win a championship. Big Ben Wallace never cried to the referees during the Finals about Shaq because he was physically and mentally tough enough to take the beating. NBA basketball was a battle, and that made the game fun to watch. This was a time when players could get close to the defender. Everyone had to work hard on either side of the ball. When Tyrone Lue hand checked Allen Iverson during the Finals in 2001, Iverson continued to play hard and still averaged over 30 points per game. Basketball was a game of toughness and athleticism, and sometimes players had to endure physical beatings along with losing the game. That’s the way I and many others were brought up and it’s sad to say that those times have changed and cry-babies now run the NBA, not men.

This version of the NBA can be categorized as the cry baby league. The refs are listening to everything players whine about to protect certain superstars, like LeBron James and even Blake Griffin. The defensive player cannot touch the offensive player at all. The defender is left out to dry on the court and the offensive player, especially if you are a superstar, can just run into the defender and draw the foul. The defender doesn’t even have to touch the offensive player and a foul is called. What kind of mess is that? LeBron James is the prime example. He will lower his shoulder while charging full speed down the court and bowl right through a defender, or my favorite, use his off arm while he is dribbling to shield the ball and push the defender out-of-the-way. I can’t just blame LeBron for that because other players like Carmelo Anthony do the same. The ref will then call a foul on that defender. How can you call a foul on the defender when the offensive player is doing most of the pushing and banging to get to the basket? If you are a true fan of the game then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The rule is that you have to keep your hands straight up and slide your feet to get position on that player. But, when that defender does this and the offensive player runs into him, the foul call is on the defender. In the event that foul call is not called, the players will then cry about not getting “necessary” calls. My advice: If you can’t be physical then go play tennis or bowling because then you won’t have to worry about someone touching you.

The referees must not understand the rules because they get it wrong every time by anticipating hits or calling them after someone has whined. How much longer can fans of the game watch the league baby LeBron James just because he is supposedly “the best player in the league?” Shoot, I would be the best player in the league too if I could knock the defender out the way and shoot an average of 12 free throws per game. Then, when I don’t get the call I want, all I have to do is go to the ref and let him know that I need to get that call and then shoot another 10 free throws. Another example of players being able to sway calls is when Dwayne Wade got Lance Stephenson ejected for having emotion. He let the ref know that Stephenson did something that offended him. I feel like the only people who should be able to talk to the refs are the coaches. All of this crying to the referees needs to stop, whether it is about physical play or otherwise. It has changed the course of the NBA already and will make it unrecognizable for generations to come.

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The season started rocky for the Los Angeles Clippers, but since the All-Star break they have been showing teams that they are competing for the championship. The Clippers were never a team that you would put in the same sentence with “playoff team”. No one in their right mind would even say they’d go see a Clippers game…unless they were a hardcore fan. The moves that they have made over the years have changed the dynamic of the entire franchise. Can we actually say right now that the Lakers are now the Clippers and that the Clippers are the new show in town? It’s so funny because they share the same arena but the Clippers were never filling seats. Well, welcome to town Blake Griffin and Chris Paul and hello playoffs and possibly a championship. Let’s look at the facts right now and see if they are worthy of and ready for that big step.

Jamal Crawford is the best sixth man in the league and who wouldn’t want to have him off the bench on their team. JJ Reddick and Jared Dudley were great pickups for them and they are lights out 3 point shooters. Darren Collison is another point guard that has the talent to show and improve as a backup for Chris Paul. Collison can average 15 points per game if needed and can dish the ball just as good. Danny Granger got traded from the Pacers to the Sixers and decided to buy out his contract to go to a championship squad where he will get the time. I know he has a big smile on his face right now being able to know what it feels like to play in the playoffs and actually compete. Looking at everyone I just named along with Griffin and Paul, they can make it to the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. But, I do see a team that could stop them if they meet–or at the very least, take them to a seven game series–and that’s the Golden State Warriors. Everyone knows that they don’t like one another and there’s some bad blood all around. But, no one knows if Doc Rivers is going to tell them to just play basketball and not allow them to get into their heads. And with the pitbull Chris Paul, I actually don’t see them avoiding a few technical fouls here and there. This year can be a great year for the Clippers if they don’t meet up with the Warriors, but man will it be the best series on TV and for basketball.

If you are a fan of the NBA you know exactly who J Crossover is and why he has received that name. If you don’t know who that is I am about to fill your head with some realness.

Jamal Crawford has been in the league for 14 years and a lot of people didn’t even know that this man existed until he got to the Atlanta Hawks. He was drafted from the University of Michigan by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2000 and traded that same day to the Chicago Bulls. I wish the Bulls would have just kept this man on the roster but hey, it’s a business. He came into the league averaging almost 17 points a game and he was coming off the bench. He began getting traded from team to team spending time at New York, Golden State, Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trailblazers and now the Los Angeles Clippers. He spent at least four years on each team, except when he spent one year with the Golden State Warriors. He made the playoffs with the Atlanta Hawks but they did not end up going further than the first round. But, during those years he has crossed over and made so many people dance on the basketball court. His ability to get an open shot has made his games so fun to watch because of the oohing and cheering of the crowd when he makes someone fall or look stupid.

Crawford is now on the LA Clippers and though he is still coming off the bench, I honestly feel that he is the best guard in the history of the NBA. A lot of people would pick Manu Ginobili or J.R. Smith, but I say no one can touch Jamal Crawford. It has taken years for Crawford to prove himself to everyone in the league and he is showing his worth. He just had the best game of any player off the bench when he put up 37 points against the Toronto Raptors. He is now averaging 16 points off the bench. He is going to be the sixth man of the year hands down.

Since Chris Paul has been injured Crawford has had to step his game up and his numbers show he can help Blake Griffin keep the team afloat until Chris Paul can come back and help them compete for a championship. This month he has averaged over 20 points per game, but for the past 6 games he has been averaging 30 points. Jamal Crawford will go down as the best off the bench player in the history of the game and I will go so far as to say that he will make the Basketball Hall of Fame because of the game he has given to fans over the years.


Kevin Durant was in college for one year as a freshman at Texas and oh boy did he ever show that he was ready for the NBA. Durant averaged 26 points and 11 rebounds during his college career. He showed out for that one season. I watched him play as much as I could because he came from Suitland, Maryland and I lived in Capitol Heights, Maryland, so I had to show my respect and represent for the home state. It did not matter where he was on the court because the ball was going through the hoop and he was the next big thing. Durant and the Longhorns made it to the second round of the conference and ended up getting defeated by the University of Southern California, but his future was a bright one and he did not disappoint anyone.

Kevin Durant was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 2007 and with the height and mobility he has, he was considered the next Scottie Pippen, but with a better jump shot. That being said, Durant was just a skinny dude to most people so no one expected him to show out like he did in the first season of his NBA career. But, he surprised everyone. No one had seen a young man performing as he was (scoring 30 points per night) in the NBA after just one year of college under his belt. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were the only athletes who came close to Durant in scoring during their league debut. But, his true test came later when he faced the Lakers for his very first appearance in the playoffs and his team lost in the first round. He was able to rebound his team the next year against the Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals but lost 4-2. In a later season he got his revenge against the Mavericks and was able to make it to the Finals to the play the Miami Heat and face LeBron James. They lost to them 4-1, but during that time he averaged 30 points per game while shooting over 57 percent from the field and that is very impressive for someone on that big stage for the first time. The ups and downs he has encountered through the years have shown that he can be the best in the game and he is proving it right now.

Durant, since Westbrook has been injured, has been averaging 31 points per game becoming the main focus for the Thunder. It did not work out too much for him in last year’s playoffs when Westbrook went down, but boy did he ever show he could evolve his game after that season.

 Over the past 11 games the Thunder are 8-3. Durant has been averaging 38 points per game and has put up over 54 points for two of those games and 46 for the past 8 games while also continuing to shoot over 52 percent from the field. How can you overlook this man for MVP when he is single-handedly taking his team to a record of 23-5? All together they are 32-10 with second place in the western conference. I can see that while Westbrook is out Durant will continue to carry the load for the team. The past few years that I previously mentioned in this post have shown that he is taking his game to a level where he cannot be touched by using that height and athleticism God gave him to his best ability. Who in the NBA right now can go out on the court and say they are going to stop this man from putting up 30 points? No one! This includes LeBron James because Durant averaged 30 points against him in the finals while shooting over 52 percent. Durant does not have to get to the free throw line because he can sit back behind it and drain three’s like they are free throws all day long. No one has stopped this man yet. This man who posesses the potential and the skill to surpass Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA’s scoring leader. He has shown that he will continue to carry the load while Westbrook is sidelined until after the All-Star break and I don’t doubt it. After all, it’s Kevin Durant. What more can you say?


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The Houston Rockets are a well-known franchise that have had great players and championships to go along with them. The Rockets have boasted players like Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny (The Jet) Smith, and even Charles Barkley. As a dominant franchise in the 90’s they gave every opponent a run for their money. However, though it was fun to watch them play in the early 2000’s when they acquired young talent — Steve Francis, Tracy Mcgrady, Rafer Alston, and Yao Ming — during the playoffs they always came up short to other top teams like the Lakers and the Mavericks.

Although it seems they have acquired talent that will make them contenders for the NBA Championship this season, they will not get a chance to taste that opportunity. James Harden signed with them in 2012 and had a breakout year as a starter, taking them to the playoffs, but losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round. People were amazed at how fast he developed into an All-Star for that team. Chandler Parsons also showed that he was a dominant force on the court and that he possessed the potential to get this squad to the “promised land.” Then Linsanity came around and everyone loved the way this team had been put together. But, they were missing one good piece,  and oh man, did they fill that space. Dwight Howard signed with them for the 2014 season and everyone from analysts to fans said that they were a top three team because of Dwight Howard and his dominance. I, on the other hand, was not enthused by the pick-up. I think that James Harden and Chandler Parsons are going to be top players in this league for a long time. Dwight Howard on the other hand is a different story.

Dwight came from the Magic to the Lakers and now he plays for the Rockets. The man has been in the league 10 years and he has been to the finals one time in his career, losing to the Lakers in 2009 (almost getting swept). He has a chance now to dominate on a team where he is the main focus — besides James Harden — to take that franchise back to the “promised land.” He has shown no improvement in his game, but for some reason he has stayed in the league for this long.

When he went to the Lakers and played with the 5 time champion Kobe Bryant, he cried the entire season about not getting the ball enough. Everyone said, “Well, he was hurt and coming straight off a back surgery.” Dwight Howard was not tough enough to play through injuries and he wasn’t tough enough to take the spotlight of being a Laker. There were stories that he wanted the franchise to turn the team over to him. I was continually amazed at what came out of his mouth because Kobe IS the Lakers and he has 5 rings to show for it. Dwight has no rings and no elite game, but wanted to be the face of one of the greatest franchises in NBA history. I laughed when I heard the news about that. Then he entered free agency where Houston called his name and he answered. Houston thought, “Ok, we have a great guard in James Harden and a small forward in Chandler Parsons so we can add Dwight and have a dominant team.”  I don’t see the dominance he supposedly has because when it comes down to him needing to score and have a presence on the court he disappears when the Rockets need him the most.

Their next opponent, the Bucks, should be fairly easy to beat. Then they have to play Portland, Sacramento, Memphis, San Antonio, and Dallas to end the month of January. I only see them winning one game from that list, and that is against Dallas, if Dirk and Monta have a bad game. Anytime he plays teams that have big men who are just as strong as he is, he will not do anything on the court but foul and cry. They just played Oklahoma at home in Houston and he had 11 points and 8 rebounds. The “dominant center” Dwight Howard had that on the scoreboard while Serge Ibaka had 21 points and 15 rebounds. Again, someone who is just as strong as he is will frustrate him and he will shut down and then say the team didn’t play well. If you are supposed to be the best defensive player on the floor then you need to be the general and get everyone else on your level. But that is the biggest problem of all because he does not have the backbone to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said; “It’s my fault we lost”. Houston will have a problem for the rest of the season if Dwight doesn’t man up, start developing his game and taking responsibility for his role on the court.

It’s funny how you look at  certain basketball players and try to understand the mindset of that person just from watching them on T.V. I have been watching J.R. Smith since he got drafted out of high school and I have been trying to understand his game for the longest time. I had the pleasure of meeting this man after the game against the Bobcats in 2012. As we walked from the arena to the hotel we discussed my book Hustle: Street Power. He seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders. But as far as his game, I can see he is a streaky shooter and when he gets hot that man can drain a three. He is also a great dunker when he can get to the lane just like he did on Gary Neal. That is one thing I can honestly say about J.R. Smith and it is sad because I really can’t think of anything else good about that dude.

J.R. Smith has been in the league since 2004 and has a career average of 13 points and 2 assists. Which is shocking to me because he can easily average 20 points off the bench and he has been coming off the bench his entire career. For someone who has come out of high school like Kevin Garnett, Tyson Chandler, Tracy Mcgrady, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James he has not succeeded like they have in their great careers in the NBA. They have shown great professionalism over the years. J.R. Smith has taken his career to a level of (what in the world is this man thinking?).

He was suspended at the beginning of the season for five games for violating the Anti-Drug Program during the off-season. Last year he was suspended in the playoffs (when they needed him) for elbowing Jason Terry in the face. It’s like, “dude, when are you going to grow up?” Well, that question was answered earlier this week when the past three games he played against Houston, Dallas, and Detroit, he felt like he needed to untie players shoelaces. I mean come on dude, you have got to be kidding me with this childish mess. I have been watching the NBA my entire life and I have seen things like John Starks throwing the basketball off of the shot clock or the classic practice rant by Allen Iverson. But, never in my life have I ever seen a professional basketball player untie another mans shoes on the court during a game until J.R Smith. It has really gotten to a point when you just look at someone and say, “kick this man out the league for acting so stupid.” He has not contributed to the New York Knicks at all this season shooting 35 percent from the field after winning Sixth Man of the Year last year for the same team. How in the world do you get worse after having the best year of your career? How do you say during the season that your knee is hurting you but you’re on the court untying shoelaces? My favorite though is after the Heat game in an interview he basically didn’t say any apologies at all but “it is what it is”. Ohhh! But he waited to tweet an apology after the game. Maaannn sit down somewhere!

The Knicks are now looking to trade J.R. Smith according to ESPN. I have been preaching and preaching about trading him in my last post about the Knicks team as a whole. I really can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks but in all actuality he might not get traded just because no other team will want to deal with his antics. He continues to say that he is going to act right and be a better person year after year and yet he never changes. So, I actually do not see him playing in the NBA in the next few years if not the rest of this season because Hardaway Jr. is showing that he does not mind taking his minutes and contributing to winning.

Fans of the NBA know that the Clippers/Warriors games are the best basketball competitions that are shown on TV. I’m so happy that they play each other four times because you never know what is going to happen on the court. Well, there is one thing you know, and that is it’s going to be some bad blood and physical play. It reminds me of the 90’s where players could get clotheslined or hit hard when entering the paint, or my favorite, when everyone leaves the bench to get into the mix of a battle. Well, in today’s NBA the closest you are going to get to that is a Clippers/Warriors game. However, the Clippers are crying about the Warriors not being professional on the court and saying they are being cowardly, now that’s funny to me.

The first season Mark Jackson became the Warriors’ coach they were just throwing alley oops and playing around because they were beating them by 20 to 25pts. Who, in their right mind, would not be upset if they were on the other team? So Mark Jackson got the Warriors to play physical and get into their head. It has been working ever since. The Warriors are 8-5 against the Clippers since the beginning of the 2012 season. Looks to me like the Warriors have the Clippers number especially when they are leading 113 to 83 over the past 196 games. The Warriors are going to be able to keep the streak going especially with the Splash Brothers and company going to work.

I hope that both of these teams meet this year in the playoffs because it will be a great seven game series. I know this for a fact because people love physical play, but I might be wrong because half the world are bandwagon Heat fans so I might just be by myself on what’s good basketball.


The Portland Trailblazers have come a long way since the early 00’s when they had to get through the Lakers every year to make something of themselves and couldn’t. It was bad enough they had a chance in the early 90’s against the Chicago Bulls and lost. It was a long hard road for the Trailblazers after not making it to the playoffs after 2003. The trailblazers were no longer a house hold name and everyone forgot about that team for years…until now.

It’s the year 2013 and Portland has pieced together a team that will give them a good chance to compete for an NBA title. The Blazers are equipped with LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicholas Batum, Wesley Matthews, Robin Lopez, and Damion Lillard as their starting five and Dorell Wright, Meyers Leonard, and Mo Williams on the bench. They are 15-3 and they just beat the Indiana Pacers who are just as hot as them this season. I have to say the Western Conference has another powerhouse to add. Damion Lillard is playing out of his mind right now at the point guard position and is stroking from behind the 3 point line and the field shooting 40%. Wesley Matthews has found a stroke that he can’t lose shooting 51% from the 3 point line and 54% from the field. Now THAT is a back court that is not getting the recognition they deserve. You can call them the Splash Brothers Junior if you wanted too. LaMarcus Aldridge wanted to leave the team last year and he is playing his best right now letting Damion Lillard do his thing. He is feeding off of his talents and is shooting 47% from the field. No one can say he is not loving every minute of the game with these wins. I am enjoying the time I get to see them get busy on the court. Analysts are not giving them the props just because they just see it’s the Trailblazers. They need to respect the fact they have a Forward in Nicholas Batum who can check any position in the league beside the Center and he is also shooting over 40% from the field and behind the arc. Let’s keep in mind that all it takes is the right seed in the playoffs and they would have just as much of a chance to make it to the Finals as the Clippers, Thunder, Spurs, and Rockets. You have to look at the discipline of this team and see the potential they have to continue to grow since they have improved since last year. When the starting five is shooting a very high percentage and playing decent defense, it is going to be a long season for the other teams who are getting more recognition than the Trailblazers because they are coming for that championship.

In the beginning of the season I did a post about the Knicks having the pieces to have a championship team this year. Man, was I freaking wrong on that one. These dudes are a very big joke and the sad part is it’s only December. What in the world is going on with this team and all this talent? No one in their right mind can blame Mike Woodson because he is a great coach. The players are truly the main reason this season is a big waste. No one on the team is playing for 48 minutes. Yet, they expect to win the game.

Andrea Bargnani is getting paid 11 million dollars and can’t even play defense against anyone in the league. The biggest punk I have ever seen who is scared to get in the paint and get dirty, wants to look around for help, like dude you are 7’0ft tall and can’t even play defense for 48 minutes. I am so disgusted with that dude it makes me want to throw up.

J.R. Smith, Mr. I want to take pictures of players sleeping and post them on Instagram like my team is not on a losing streak. Mr. I can’t even make a jump-shot when I need to help the team but I make 5 million dollars so I don’t care. Man, I don’t want to hear about any excuses on his repaired knee because he is not taking care of his body. Man, please get outta here with that mess. Freaking Iman Shumpert tore his ACL and came back playing like nothing even happened to him. If J.R took care of himself he wouldn’t have to worry about complaining about his knee. I am sick of the crying and complaining and we are going to win a championship this year. Man shut up and get a jumper.

I can’t even be mad at Carmelo Anthony because he is the only player on the team trying to get his team over the hump and win. What can you really say about him? Oh, what? He so-called doesn’t play any defense? Man get off that crap and look at all these other players in the league who do not play any defense at all. This man is carrying a team on his back because the other players act like because they play in New York at Madison Square Garden they are just going to win every game. News flash: Wake up and smell the coffee!

Where is the DEFENSE for the New York Knicks? Tyson Chandler gets injured and all of a sudden they forget what DEFENSE means. Teams in the restricted area are shooting 61 % in the paint and 40% from behind the arc. But teams as a whole are shooting 46% from the field and 36% from the 3 point line and averaging 100 points per game. Hold on, I thought that these were NBA players on the court. Wait, these ARE NBA players on the court and oh yeah, it IS part of the game to play DEFENSE. Isn’t that what they get paid for and what fans come to see along with the wins. Well man, they need to give up some of that money they are making or lower the prices of the seats for fans because they are not playing up to the potential that they can easily have. I didn’t know that you won games just on offense. The Knicks are 3-13 on a 9 game losing streak for the season. It’s not even halfway through the season and they are not going to make the playoffs this year. 1-7 at home and 2-6 on the road. Man, get outta here with that.

Aww, are you sad because Melo said he wants to try free agency this year. I mean can you blame the dude for taking the talent he has and trying to get on a championship team. Trying to be the next superstar to test a free agency that he never had a chance to do during his time in the league. Every player wants to do that in the league, it’s just this man actually came out and said it. I don’t blame that man and yeah, I see him going to LA and playing with The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant because at least he knows that he will have someone on his team that wants that ring as bad as him. If I was a player I would not even want to step foot on the court because of how bad they are playing. You can’t be mad at ‘Melo for trying to better himself to move forward for his family. The Knicks will never get any real players for that team because they are paying Amare too much money and he can’t play more than 12 minutes of a game because of his bad knees, but wants to fuss and say he needs to be on the court. I feel like I am watching a team with a bunch of cry babies who just want to make money instead of wanting a ring. I bet Spike Lee doesn’t even want to show his face at the Garden anymore because he would be wasting valuable time because they suck right now. Man get it together or start trading players for people who want to play at the garden and play with ‘Melo. In all actuality get rid of J.R Smith and Bargnani and get a big man who plays defense and a guard who can score and will think before speaking and then we might have a winning team.

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The New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn and received a new set of All-Stars during the offseason. Last year they were fighting for that New York power against the Knicks and got the 4th seed for a spot in the playoffs. They met the Bulls in the first round and got beaten without Derrick Rose playing. Did that hurt the confidence of the Nets or is that just a crazy question?

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry were the new additions to the team over the summer. Can we say, “Wow!” to that pickup? The team already has Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson. When you look at that on paper you just think championship, but they can’t even win games on the road against teams they should be blowing out. They have lost to Cleveland, Orlando, Charlotte, Boston, Indiana, Sacramento, and the LA Clippers. Six of those games were away and then they lost to the Pacers at home. It’s a sad, sad day for fans. If Pierce and Garnett had stayed in Boston they probably would have a better chance of getting to the championship.

Jason Kidd is a brand new coach in the league and this is going to be a long, hard season for him if he cannot get this team some wins. They have all that talent and there is no reason they cannot be above .500, fighting with the Pacers or Heat right now for the top spot. I am just flabbergasted at the amount of money they have spent to get to the promised land and can’t even get past the freaking Bobcats. Deron Williams is making 98 million dollars. It is amazing to me that this man can’t stay healthy or play to his potential, but he can get coaches fired. Looks like this man needs to get a pay cut until he starts showing that he is worth all of that money.

Yes, it is the beginning of the season, but it is obvious that the Nets suck right now. It’s bad enough the Knicks can’t even win a few games, but good lord, the battle for New York is basically a waste because both teams look like D-League teams on the court. That is not good entertainment. Who wants to see two sucky teams battle each other for New York supremacy? Neither team is going to have a winning record with the way they are playing right now.

Brooklyn better wake up and smell the roses because you can’t sell tickets to people and lose to teams that have no reason beating you. There are too many All-Stars on one team to be losing to mediocre teams with just one or two All-Stars. I feel like it’s the Lakers all over again with Malone, Payton, Shaq and Kobe. Step your game up and stop wasting people’s time and money by losing to teams that are not even in your class.