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When I think of Russell Brand, the words political and activist don’t initially come to mind. But, in his Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC last week, he spoke about a bevy of problems with the current U.S. political system. He also shed a much needed light on the existence of corporate exploitation, elitism, the greater good for man, the possibility of a revolution, the problems with profit in society, classism, and many other important socioeconomic, environmental and political issues.

During the ten plus minutes of his interview, I couldn’t help but think that if more U.S. citizens shared his outlook on today’s society – a realistic vision – Americans would revolt, would change our political system, and as a result would be a lot happier with our new government (a true government whose sole purpose is to provide what is in the best interest of its citizens, not corporations) and our new society (the proper and just society) as a whole.

Ladies and gentleman when I say we need more forward thinkers and realists like Russell Brand that is an understatement. We need all influential citizens to acknowledge the current and preexisting flaws of the system, to stop observing the world through rose colored lenses and truly take note of what the country has become: a governed society whose focus is more on the good of the individual (I) rather than the good of mankind (we).

With that said, I do realize Brand’s antidotes for the major issues of modern society may seem a little out of reach and to some, probably damn near impossible. But, at the risk of sounding like a utopian (as if that’s a bad thing), I think that if humanity and more specifically Americans were to focus more on our humanness (mankind) and worked toward a common goal of providing practical accompaniments like universal healthcare, livable wages, and a government that fulfills the needs of its citizens for every U.S. citizen, America truly would be the great country it so boastfully prides itself on being. I see the weak links in the societal chain and I strongly agree with Brand that we need a revolution and I have felt this way long before I even saw this interview. The only questions left to ask are how much longer will it take before we (the 99%) reach our boiling point and when that finally happens, what role will we play? Will we make sh*t stuff happen or watch sh*t stuff happen? Think about it! Check out the interview below and let me know what you think about the interview or my perspective on the issues by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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