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Greetings, all.

Monday, I was informed by my handler over on, the lovely Erin Ashley, that Jay Z dropped a DJ Khaled song (and that we were prohibited from posting about it because of the Drake barbs, which makes absolute sense. It’d be like me posting a True God diss track on my page). But, I decided to listen to it myself. I mean, it couldn’t be that bad, right? It’s new Hov! New Hov always disgraces everything!

“They Don’t Love You No More,” featuring Jay, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and an auto-tuned French Montana, is, to put it lightly, a cluster****.

On this one, Jay? You may need to take that L back for a little.

On this one, Jay? You may need to take that L back for a little.

I like the artists featured. Meek and Rozay usually hit on all cylinders. And many of Jay’s “dumbed down” bars usually trump what’s hot on the radio. But, the track just comes off as an attempt to recapture the catchiness and anthem nature of “Started from the Bottom.” Perhaps that’s because of the topics covered in this epic. Or, maybe it’s the fact that “SFTB” and “TDLYNM” both feature production from OVO signee and affiliate Mike Zombie.

Jay’s verse in particular stands out to me. Granted, Jay can probably end my career thrice over with the push of a button, but that doesn’t mean he gets excused for lazy couplets. Examples of such include “Got hella options, like a college team/Hit these bootleg n***** with the Heisman.” It ain’t “rocket science” Hov that we’ve grown used to, which brings me to my question.

Even though he’s still doing big things, has Jay lost (lyrically)?

Listening back to some of his latest projects, especially MCHG, he still has moments of greatness. The title track of that album still gives me goosebumps, even when I skip over Justin Timberlake’s chorus(es). But, it seems that Jay’s gotten comfortable in his crowned spot, rehashing what we’ve grown accustomed to from him (gun talk, richness, his taste in fine art, et cetera). There’s limited growth at this point, perhaps because he’s pretty much done it all.

You know how a one-hit wonder continuously tries to recapture that glory? Jay’s beginning to come off that way. But from some, he’ll forever receive a pass due to the legacy he’s created. This is kind of like the man Jay’s often compared to, Michael Jordan.

But even MJ knew when to walk away, even if he still had the fundamentals down pat.

I have all the respect in the world for Shawn Carter as a businessman and an artist. But it may be close to the time for him to walk away from the mic. But, that’s just my opinion. And like mics these days, everyone has one. 

Turk Drops a New Mixtape

Well, that’s something I didn’t think I’d say again. But, in 2014, we’ve got a new collection of tracks from Turk, The Da Real Thugga From what I’ve heard (I’ve only given it a once-through), Turk’s still got it. It is, however, kind of weird that the EP has the radio edits on it as well as the uncut versions. Be sure to check out my brother True God and the rest of #TeamDAR interview Turk over on TeamDAR Radio (accessible by clicking the logo below; interview considered NSFW). In it, he clears up the rumors of Turk dissing Young Thug among other questions.

#TeamDAR Radio Interviews Turk

#TeamDAR Radio Interviews Turk

Lil’ Jon Lives!

Lil’ Jon, your favorite crunked-out DJ/rapper/hypeman has found new life as, well, a DJ/rapper/hypeman (this time, with more of a trap-hop dubstep-influenced feel). His newest track, the “Turn Down For What?” remix, is, as a good friend of mine said, “happy ignorance.” It makes you want to just, you know, do wild and crazy stuff, but not kill everything within a ten-block radius. We need more “happy ignorance” in rap. Can we get a new album, Lil’ Jon? The streets world needs one more crunked-out tape. (Track has some NSFW lyrics, especially French Montana’s verse)

K.R.I.T. Iz Here (to climb “Mt. Olympus”)

As long-time followers of me know, I’m a big Big K.R.I.T. fan. Heck, his music inspired me to do tracks such as “Death of The King,” the title track from the upcoming Death of The King album (double shameless plug alert; NSFW as well).

So, when I heard his newest track, “Mt. Olympus,” my eyes legitimately lit up and I had the screw face on the whole time. The first single from Krizzle’s Cadillactica album, “Mt. Olympus” goes hard. And when I say it goes hard, I mean it goes hard. Considering he pretty much eviscerates “Control’s” impact on him and rap in a few bars, it’s safe to say K.R.I.T.’s not playing around. I think that these few bars sum up the feeling of the track, one where The King Remembered in Time is making sure we remember him, in spite of some listeners downplaying so-called “country rap.”:

“God could physically come down and say ‘he the greatest/
My favorite, y’all should listen, he have potential/
To outlive the heatwave I’ma send through this mother[…]/
And rebuild for a whole ‘nother other culture’/
And that wouldn’t be enough…”

(NSFW track)

Man, it’s been a busy week in hip-hop. And I didn’t even get to Lord Jamar talking about blacks and the need to buy the Clippers from Donald Sterling. Since I’m sure Mr. Sterling’s remarks will still be in the news, perhaps I can save that for next week.

JayZ_MCHG_InstagramContrary to initial belief, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter has been awarded a platinum plaque by the Recording Industry Association of America for the unprecedented Samsung Electronics Co Ltd digital purchase of one million albums. Initially it was said that Nielsen and Billboard were not going to include the $5 million bulk purchase in their records or chart listings because, “…[They] don’t count free-to-consumers (albums).” But, in a twist for chart topping supremacy the RIAA has awarded Jay-Z platinum status, taking the digital download and bulk purchase deal from Soundscan fiasco to recording industry legitimacy. What this means is that Magna Carta Holy Grail went platinum before it was even available for purchase by mass consumers. Jay-Z said it best in the Samsung commercial, “We need to write the new rules.” And that is exactly what the RIAA has done. Score one point for Jay-z, zero points for Nielsen. For more insight into the thought process behind Magna Carta Holy Grail check out the four-part interview of Sean Carter himself on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club below.

Since Samsung’s billion dollar loss to Apple after their highly publicized lawsuit and counter-suits over design patents, Samsung has been on an all out war against the late Steve Jobs’ tech monster. I have been watching their Apple thwarting efforts in the recent months and weeks since then and I must say Samsung is definitely proving itself to be a rightful contender. They’ve had numerous television ads bashing the iPhone and countless promoted tweets on Twitter to get people energized about their crown gems, The Galaxy series. But, their biggest and possibly most notable move to date has been their purchase of one million copies of Jay-Z’s latest album titled, Magna Carta Holy Grail. For those who don’t know, it came as quite a surprise that the Jigga Man (Jay-Z) would release a new album this year, let alone on such a historic day as the fourth of July. One thing is for sure, the marketing machine behind Samsung is well oiled and gearing up for greatness. Their ad which debuted during the NBA Finals features super-producers Pharrell Williams, Rick Rubin, Swizz Beats and Timbaland crafting beats and drafting plans for the album with Sean Carter himself. As an enthusiast of marketing and advertising strategy and a lover of hip-hop music, I found the symbiotic relationship between the Hip-Hop Mogul and the electronics Goliath very groundbreaking and alluring. Not simply by the level of skill and talent being displayed in the commercial, but the ingenious plan of allowing one million Galaxy owners to stream the album for free 72 hours before its official release date. Whoever came up with this marketing idea has definitely honed in on pop-culture and buying triggers.

Since the debut of the commercial I have already seen tweets about people purchasing Samsung Galaxy phones just to get the listening exclusive of the album. And at a hefty $5 million price tag, Samsung is definitely monetarily dedicated to moving units of its own and garnering more buzz around its brand. My only question is not if the purchase will be lucrative. Samsung can afford to dish out or lose a few million for the right to exclusivity. My question is whether the pre-sale of one million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail will be included in the Nielson Soundscan numbers? I only ask this because this is the first of its kind. I don’t see why they wouldn’t include the Samsung purchase numbers. Granted, Samsung didn’t purchase hard copies. But, in the digital world it can’t be too hard to count digital copies for phones. Right? And, with that said, if the one million copies ARE included in the Soundscan numbers, that would grant Magna Carta Holy Grail platinum status at an unprecedented two and a half weeks before its debut and before anyone has even heard the project or seen the track listing. Well, the new slogan from the commercial IS “…write the new rules.” And it seems the two are having no problems doing it.

Sidenote: With the $5 million price tag, I can’t help but allude to the fact that Jay-Z lost a bet and had to pay $5 million to get out of his contract with Def Jam almost five years ago. That distinct number resounds in my mind. Coincidence? Or a subliminal shot at Def Jam? You decide! Check out the commercial below and let me know your thoughts on the new album or the strategic efforts of Samsung.