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Written by: Michele Amira Pinczuk

Edited and co-written by: Arteest

Welcome to the first list of its kind – the top “DC chillin,” “VA chillin” and “Moco chillin” MCs. Selection for this Hip-Hop hot list is based on mixtape quality, swag as an MC, and poetic justice in the content of their songs. OMG! This is some serious DMV MC geography! The MCs on this list have all put out mixtapes in 2013 and many of them have been featured on each others mixtape at some point. Although Go-Go had long eclipsed our local music scene, these five talented artists are proving why Hip-Hop is becoming a permanent fixture in the DMV.

1. Wale – Hot Track: Bad feat Tiara Thomas

This Maybach Music MC is bringing the DMV to the forefront of Hip-Hop. Although he is a member of Maybach Music Group, his flow and sound are more like Black Hippy with Soul Train sounding hooks over hipster hot instrumentals. His most recent album, The Gifted has hits like “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas sporting hooks that are smooth like tahina and reminiscent of Kanye West’s College Dropout. As a DMV born Hip-Hop heeb (hipster term for Jewish), I personally love his mixtapes More About Nothing and The Mixtape About Nothing, sampling Seinfeld on nearly every track, which makes me want to plotz (to burst, as from laughter in Yiddish).

Sidenote: A few years ago he started The Board Administration, a DMV-based record company that gets hype for go-go bands and puts out the latest Black Cobain and Wale mixtapes.

2.  Tabi Bonney – Hot Track: One More Time feat Phil Ade

Tabi Bonney is the DMV’s Andre 3000. He puts the funk in his DC based Hip-Hop with tracks off his mixtape like “She Parties”, “One More Time” and “Need a Girl”, featuring go-go band TCB. Bonney needs more hype than he has in the game. He marches to the beat of his own mixtape, which is deserving of a lot more airtime.

3. Black Cobain – Hot Track: Glorious

With the swagger of a hustler and the namesake of Kurt Cobain, Black Cobain is on the come up. His latest mixtape contains tracks like “Shootas” with a hot dance hall vibe, while on tracks like “Glorious” his flow is reminiscent of Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up.”

Sidenote: He is an artist on Wale’s The Board Administration imprint.

4. Phil Ade – Hot Track: Every Bag

On Phil Ade’s newest Tupac inspired mixtape, he said he “made it cool to be from Maryland.” Ade isn’t new to the game, but he’s always bringing the “new new” to the game even with his 2013 summer swag mixtape R.O.S.E.

5.  Shy Glizzy – Hot Track: If I Want To 

Shy’s nasal voice, sing-song swag and chill gangsta flow is creating hype in the DMV Hip-Hop scene. After he jumped into a twitter feud with Chief Keef, his recognition skyrocketed by releasing the Chief Keef diss “3 Milli“. This track has garnered close to two million YouTube views since its release in May of 2012. Much like 50 Cent in his hustler years, Shy is a hustler and has been creating hype by getting into beefs. Shy might be using the Ari Gold (Entourage) / Kanye West mantra of “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. He “is ’bout that life.” His track “Southside” featuring fellow DMV MC Wale has garnered some radio play in the DMV as well. One thing is for certain, this hipster is on the come up and on his way to making more moves in the world that is Hip-Hop.

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Maryland Hip-Hop artist B Tha B-Boy is back at it with a visual for his new song “Meaning of Art”. The Fatz HD directed video displays ‘B’ in a variety of urban and natural landscapes. The gritty spaces displayed in the video are a stark contrast to the urban landscape of downtown Washington DC and they really bring life to the harsh realities of B’s lyrics within the song. Unlike most hip-hop videos of today, this visual actually tells a story and allows the viewer to watch it unfold within the lyrics and on-screen. I’ve probably said this before, but I am truly a fan of this guy for stepping out of the commercial hip-hop comfort zone of limitless N-words, sex talk and drug lingo to tell a story that is often left unspoken. Videos like this prove that Hip-Hop videos are not always composed of half-naked women, a collage of close-ups of jewelry and expensive cars and 100 guys in white tees repping their neighborhood. A visual can be so much more stylistically appealing and the lyrics can portray a far different picture. Check out the video to “Meaning of Art” below and let me know what you think. Also, be sure to follow B Tha B-Boy on his social media accounts [twitter, facebook and soundcloud] and download his latest project for free HERE!


This is it ladies and gentleman. Paperboy has finally released a visual to his enigmatic hit, “In The Office”. Straight from his mixtape The Paper Route, David Porter aka Prince of the Suburbs is giving you a comedic look at the life of a 9-5’er. Of course in Paperboy fashion the video has some really funny moments and even funnier dances to make fun of time spent in the workplace. This song honestly should be an anthem for anyone familiar with the five day cubicle grind and the boredom that often ensues as a result of it. But, even if you don’t spend most of your days in the office this is still a jam that anyone can appreciate. I tip my hat to Paperboy for rapping about what he knows and not being afraid to have fun with his music. So, check out the video below and as usual let me now what you think. Also, go ahead and download Paperboy’s debut project The Paper Route while you’re at it.


The Paper Route is the debut project from University of Maryland alumnus David Porter aka Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs. This Bowie native who became somewhat of a YouTube sensation – after his McDonald’s rap went viral six years ago – has garnered over 600,000 YouTube views and over 600 subscribers by entertaining viewers and spectators alike with his comedic perspectives on current events, his occasional song parodies and his celebrity interviews. One of Paperboy’s greatest strengths are comedy and rapping and “The Paper Route” delivers exactly that. With its comedic overtones and often edgy lyrics, it makes for a great release from the bores of everyday life. His song “The Office” even takes a comedic jab at the lackluster life of a 9-to-5er. But, to say this project is only for “shits and giggles” would truly be a misreading of the music. Don’t let the Game Boy Advance chain and the Burger King crown fool you. Utilizing witty punch lines and similes “The Paper Route” is a very dynamic project. Paperboy delves into the hardships of being a black man in America in ‘Inspiration’, the everyday lies people tell and try to portray in ‘Illusions’, and gives you an open window into his Prince Georges County, Maryland upbringing in ‘Goregous Prince Georges’. For a debut project, this freshman effort has the sound of a seasoned rapper who has a much larger story to tell. I definitely feel as though Paperboy has the potential to be one of those great artists. To experience “The Paper Route” for yourself be sure to click the cover art below to download the project from DatPiff for free and definitely let me know how you feel about it after you listen to it. Follow Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Here’s a video of Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs’ live performance of “The Office”.

SPRDLV is the latest project released from Maryland’s own Nike Nando. This DMV hip-hop artist has been penning rhymes and releasing great projects and freestyles for the last five years and SPRDLV is no exception. With production credits from Deuce The Music, Drew Beats, Era Hardaway, and more; artist features from The Kid Daytona, Tabi Bonney, Scolla and more; and Fleet Dj’s own DJ Grady hosting, SPRDLV is definitely a complete project built for quality and versatility. Boasting a diverse selection of samples, original sounds and rap cadences, SPRDLV doesn’t just spread Nike Nando’s rap skills, but also a seamlessly organic bravado over beats that many may refer to as swag. But, after listening to his music, watching his performances and seeing Nando develop over the last few years, I simply refer to it as him being comfortable in his own skin and really fitting into the mold of the artist HE wants to be. I am spreading love by telling you about a possible future XXL lister and definite artist to look out for in the months and years to come. So how about you SPRDLV by downloading and listening to the project? You can do so by clicking the cover art below. Also, be sure to follow Nando through his various social media profiles and music outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

Nike Nando-SPRDLV

Check out this visual of Nike Nando’s “Platinum” (Prod. Matt Mcghee)

New Mixtape from Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino features collaborations from Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Beck, Prodigy, Bun B, RZA, Danny Brown and more. To stream and download this mixtape just click the image below.

Playlist the DMV Mixtape?

After months of hearing great music projects from DMV (DC, Md., & Va.) music artists, I decided it was time for someone to start a series of mixtapes that would expose the rest of the world to the DMV’s music scene. “Playlist the DMV” is the product of that idea. Organized by me, Arteest and released under the ArtLyfEnt (Arteestic Lifestyle Entertainment) brand, this series is a collection of songs from talented artists all over The District, Maryland, and Virginia. This is my attempt at helping artists from the area by providing an additional outlet for getting their music heard.

Each mixtape explores a broad range of vocal, production, and collaborative abilities. Artists range from amateur, unsigned hype to musically seasoned, signed entertainers. Songs will range from the more mainstream sounds we are used to hearing on radio and TV to the more underground type of appeal appreciated by true music enthusiasts. Every volume in the series will give listeners a musically diverse project from one of the most profitable and listened to genres in the world: Hip-Hop.

The title “Playlist the DMV” came from the idea of searching the genres “hip-hop” or “rap” in iTunes to create a playlist and this mixtape is what you would get; a playlist of various music artists who rap about diverse themes and have a wide array of styles and sounds.

All available internet resources will be utilized to make each volume of the series more accessible. Every mixtape in the series will be free and will be uploaded to websites like and and also downloadable via Hulkshare and various blogs. It will also be promoted via facebook, twitter, and word of mouth. Under the ArtLyfEnt brand with the help of music lovers everywhere ArtLyfEnt hopes to become a major influence in music, organize and host quality mixtapes, and help elevate unsigned artists to gain national if not global attention. That is the mission of ArtLyfEnt and the “Playlist The DMV” series and I hope everyone enjoys volumes one through four and future volumes of the series.

ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist The DMV Vol. 4

This is the fourth installment in ArtLyfEnt’s Playlist The DMV series. It features talented music artists from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area). Most of the artists from this mixtape already have mixtapes and musical projects of their own. This project provides a sample of what their mixtapes sound like. PTDMV 4 features songs from such DMV music artists as Black Cobain, UCB, Nike Nando, DTMD, Muggsy Malone, and Kid Musiq to name a few. With 19 tracks that prove the DMV music scene is hungry and thriving, volume 4 packs some bass heavy, super lyrical songs and some laid back, suave jams that are guaranteed to strike a moment of nostalgia for the ol’ school hip-hop head and yet intrigue the average neo hip-hop enthusiast. Curious? Download ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist The DMV Volume 4 and find out what the DMV has to offer.

To download volume 4 click cover art above

To download volume 4 click cover art above

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As a lover of Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul, and a huge fan of both Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z and Neo-Soul crooner Maxwell, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a few weeks ago that a Miami-based, twin production team named Urban Noize made a mixtape featuring songs from Jay-Z’s American Gangster album blended with various Maxwell hits. The end result is what is known as a blend tape, or a mixtape that has beats of one genre combined with the vocals of an artist or group of a different genre. I was fortunate enough to come across this project titled Jay-Z & Maxwell – American Summer’s Night. After listening to the project, I was so elated to hear something so original derive from creatively producing and masterfully mixing the sounds of two of the greatest musicians of my time, that I knew I had to pick the brains of two of the most underrated up-and-coming producers. Urban Noize is composed of twins Steve and Steven. I recently had the opportunity to question Steven on the creative process of crafting a blend tape, his inspirations and his influences among many other things. This is what he had to say.

@Arteest1: So I know the two of you are twins. How does it feel to work with your brother making music?

@UrbanNoize: It feels great working with my brother because he understands me musically. As well as I do him. Most importantly, we share the same vision when it comes to music, which is progression.

@Arteest1: How long have you been making beats and who or what inspired you to start?

@UrbanNoize: We’ve been making beats for maybe about 8 years now. What inspired us was just being a fan of music. Whenever we’d listen to songs we loved, we’d always envision ourselves playing alongside our favorite artist. lol.

@Arteest1: You make some dynamic beats and are an amazing production duo. I have listened to your Jay-Z, Rihanna and Chris Brown mixtapes and I am very curious to know what influenced you to put your beats over big name artists songs and also create mash-ups/blends?

@UrbanNoize: Being fans of those artists definitely influenced us to remix their material. As well as just having a love for creating music and trying different things with it.

@Arteest1: What is the inspiration behind your beats and mixtapes?

@UrbanNoize: The inspiration comes from the production of the records, down to the performances that the artists give.

@Arteest1: Describe the artistic process in crafting one of your mixtapes.

@UrbanNoize: Well, when crafting mixtapes the ideal thing is to a create story and an experience. Not just throwing music together and calling it such and such. But bringing the listener and fan into the world of the artist.

@Arteest1: Name some music artists you have worked with.

@UrbanNoize: We haven’t worked with anyone yet, but we’re hoping to very soon.

@Arteest1: Who are some artists you would like to work with and possible producers you would like to collaborate with?

@UrbanNoize: One of the artists we’d like to work with would have to be Chris Brown. Honestly, because I feel like his mixtapes haven’t been his best. lol. But if we came together with the right vision, we could create a classic. As for producers, we’d love to learn from and work with danjahandz. Hands down, he’s one of the best in the game right now.

@Arteest1: Name a few projects that Urban Noize has already released.

@UrbanNoize: Some of the projects we’ve released are Jay-Z & Maxwell – American Summer’s Night, Chris Brown – Man In The Mirror, Rihanna – Last Girl On Earth Tourtape, and Beyonce and Lady Gaga – Fierce Fame.

@Arteest1: Where do you vision Urban Noize five years from now?

@UrbanNoize: Five years from now, we hope to be working with some of our favorite artists doing everything from producing songs to executive producing projects.

@Arteest1: What is the overall goal of your music?

@UrbanNoize: The goal of our music is to give people something different and to share the love we have for it.

@Arteest1: Where can people find and download your mixtapes and other music?

@UrbanNoize: One of the places you can download our mixtapes is Datpiff.  We have many more all over the place. lol.

@Arteest1: What would you like to say to any current and prospective fans of your music?

@UrbanNoize: Thanks for continuing to support and spread the word of our music. Without God bringing these people into our lives, we wouldn’t be who we are.

MESSAGE TO URBAN NOIZE: Thank you Steven for the interview! I appreciate you allowing me to share my love of Urban Noize’ music with the rest of  the world. Thank you Steve for partnering up with your brother to create genre-bending masterpieces. I wish both of you much success in the future.

MESSAGE TO MY READERS: If you are looking to download all of Urban Noize’ blend tapes, just Google them and you will see tons of websites that are currently hosting their projects. To stay up-to-date with them, follow them on twitter and don’t hesitate to show your appreciation with a tweet to them and a download of their music.