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Check out Paperboy Prince of The Suburbs’ visual for The Paper Route classic “Goregeous Prince George’s”. Paper steps out of The Office to show us some of the finer things Prince George’s County, Maryland has to offer. Check out the video below and be sure to tell all of your friends about “Goregeous Prince George’s” by sharing this link and tweeting the hashtag #ThankYouPaperBoy! Also, be sure to follow Paper on his social media: Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and DatPiff.

The DMV’s own Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs has teamed up with producer Maxwell Benson for a single titled “Spacestrunoght”. The single is from Benson’s Dawn Of A New Day EP which was released on August 11th and features various hip-hop acts boasting creative lyricism over his own creative production. The visual for “Spacestrunoght” is a comical animation that takes its viewers on the space trip that Paperboy details on the record. As we go on the journey through space and sound with Paperboy and Maxwell, we get a whimsical picture of what life would be like as an inter-planetary entertainer. And while some hip-hoppers may criticize this comedic approach to hip-hop music, I relish in it.

With all of its overt bravado, “swagger” and its “I’m better than you because…” lingo, I feel it’s only right that these tactics be used to make fun of hip-hop once in a while. And although Paperboy does it, it’s outlandish and over the top verses caricature hip-hop in a way that make it all enjoyable. To put it simple: “Spacestrunoght” is a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously and the corresponding video does a great job at displaying this notion. So, click the video below to check it out for yourself and as always, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below the post to let me know what you think.


For those who missed one of the most eclectic concerts of the year, here’s a quick rundown of my top nine most memorable experiences of this year’s Trillectro Music Festival:

1. Herbal Essences – No. I am not referencing that shampoo that had the risqué commercials back in the 90’s. While in the crowd observing performances  throughout the day I was hit with numerous waves of what Snoop Dogg terms the “sticky icky icky“. Oh don’t worry, I didn’t catch any contact. One thing I will say is that I definitely think that green magical plant is what helped keep people in positive moods for the duration of the festival.

2. Food Trucks – The food at the fairgrounds was provided by a multitude of food trucks. The most noticeable trucks were the grilled cheese truck, the cookie truck and the cheese steak truck. I ate my first cheese steak filled with cheese whiz at Trillectro and I must say the whiz makes all the difference. They filled that bread with savory steak, cheese whiz, chopped onions and topped it with ketchup and I was feeling like I was in sandwich heaven. Downside: The nine dollar price tag, the fact it didn’t come with fries or chips, and the fact they only accepted cash. But hey, when you’re hungry and at a festival you expect things to cost more and you should know to always bring cash.

3. Two Stages – Stage One: The Karmaloop stage sporting the Karmaloop logo was where most, if not all, of the EDM Dj’s ran their sets. Jumping  from those speakers were straight “wub wub!”, “boom! boom! boom!”, and a multitude of crowd snatching, endorphin surging tunes that kept the festival dwellers moving for hours. The second stage was the main stage. It was set up for the music performers. I arrived at the festival just in time to catch the last thirty or so minutes of EDM sets and then I stood in the crowd to watch Casey Veggies, Travis Scott, King Chip, Asap Ferg and Asap Rocky tear down DC like no other. Sidenote: Travis Scott is the most hype performer I have ever seen. His stage presence is not just strangely captivating, but even a little ominous. That could possibly be attributed to his hype and yet sometimes grim beats. But, there was no doubt about it. In the conversation of who reigned supreme at Trillectro, hands down it was Asap Ferg with the rest of the Asap mob. Those guys took over the stage and had the entire Trillectro festival jumping.

4. Drinks – Those who know me know that I love beer. So I was more than happy when I discovered tall boy (16 ounces) Redd’s Apple Ale was available at the festival. I think I drank three or four of them. They also had tall boy’s of Sam Adams Summer Shandy, Bud Light and a few other beers that I seldom drink. Margaritas and strawberry lemonade were also in their non-beer drink selection and when I tell you those margaritas were good too, I mean it. They were delicious! Downside: Sixteen ounce beers were priced as high as seven dollars. So make sure that if you go to the festival next year you have plenty of money on you.

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5. DMV Music Artists – As a frequent planner of hiphop showcases in the DC metro area, a radio show host and executive producer I have developed a relationship with many local music artists. Trillectro was definitely not low on local talent on and off the stage. While walking around the fairgrounds I bumped into local artists Lyriciss, ill Stafa, Seph Ade, Nike Nando, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, Brain Rapp, Ike Da Kid, Kaye Trill, Stef, and many more. With all of the local artists so easily accessible, Trillectro almost felt more like the DMV’s (DC, MD, and VA) own smaller version of SXSW (South by Southwest). And let’s not forget those DMV artists who actually performed like New Retro, Phil Ade, Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, RDGLDGRN and Wale!

6. Beautiful Women – Although there were many women who looked like they’d attended one too many ragers or just didn’t know what was appropriate for their body size. There were enough beautiful women to balance out the overall aesthetic of the festival. Needless to say, I definitely saw some head turners. But, it wasn’t just their faces that made them beautiful. So many women were dressed down and just ready to have a good time. It was moreso their pure style and what some may refer to as “swag” that drew me and many other guys eyes into their directions. It was not unusual to see natural hair, locs, tattoos, headbands, hand-made bracelets and chains, and completely couture outfits. Many women were on their hippy status and that made the vibe so much more enjoyable.

7. Eccentric People – The eccentricity didn’t end with the female festival attendees. Many of their male counterparts were adorned in hand-crafted wooden necklaces, tie dye shirts, and other throwback and vintage style getups. It was quite common to see a guy sporting camo shorts, a tye die tee, a bucket hat with marijuana leaves imprinted on it, slip-on flops, a drink in one hand and a doobie in the other. There were women wearing bra’s like they were bikini tops, kids sporting blonde locs, and black and white peace socks that revealed the plant just above their Jordans.  I revelled in the environment. I loved the fact that no two people looked alike. Everyone had their own style. The festival of individualism was a great escape from the Monday to Friday, nine-to-five khaki pants and blue shirt wearing clone doldrums that many DC dwellers undergo.

8. “Turn Up!” – The phrase of the day was definitely “Turn Up!” (to become energetic, highly enthused or overly excited) And man did we turn up once the ASAP Mob hit the stage. ASAP Ferg’s “Work” and “Shabba” got the entire crowd off their feet. At that point anyone at the festival who hadn’t relaxed and let loose, did. For ASAP Ferg’s entire set everyone in the festival turned up and went wild for the night. Of course ASAP Rocky’s surprise guest appearance during Ferg’s set was definitely a bonus that took the level of excitement to higher heights. With the alcohol flowing, the green leaves lit, and the music pumping everyone was forced to Turn Up!

9. Comradery – Myth: When large crowds of black people develop, a fight generally ensues. Fact: During the four and a half hours I attended the Trillectro festival I did not experience one fight. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there weren’t any. I am simply saying that I didn’t hear of any or see any while I was there. I feel like the type of people who attend an event like Trillectro aren’t there to cause problems. It felt like we were all there to have fun and relax from the everyday stresses of life. Within those fairground walls, the outside world no longer existed. We became immersed in the moments. Of course within the crowd shoes were stepped on, people regularly brushed against you or shoved a little to dash for a closer view of the performances. But, it was as if there was an unspoken agreement between all the attendees there that these actions were not out of disrespect. They were simply a result of heightened energy within the fairground walls and spatial laws that meant there was no way to avoid it. But, most people were smart to avoid wearing really nice shoes. And those who weren’t, either stayed out of the large crowd or were so turned up they didn’t care.

Overall, I had a great Trillectro experience. Although the four hours I spent there seemed to fly by and I spent more money than I may have planned, my greatest memories are the expressions on everyone’s faces, the people I encountered and the overall positive vibe. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We were all happy. And that’s what festivals are all about. Right?

So you may be asking, “What exactly is a summer session?” It is a free musical experience like no other. Earlier this summer one of The University of Maryland’s most popular college radio show’s DMV Live Radio started an off-campus summer concert series to showcase talented music acts from DC, Maryland and Virginia. Each summer session has a summer theme i.e. “Summer School” and “Summer Camp” and offers free entertainment at various venues in Maryland and DC. The special thing about this third installment is that unlike the previous two, guests as young as eighteen may enjoy the evening’s entertainment. This allows for even more people to take part in this highly interactive and intimate event. And with The Pinch providing the venue for the evening, it is sure to be one of the hottest free concert events the District has seen. To join in the fun and excitement come to The Pinch (3548 14th St NW  Washington, DC 20010) on Sunday August 11th from 8pm – ’til and see what Summer Sessions are all about.


Check out music from the artists performing at Summer Sessions 3 below!

Mana – “Here To Stay”
JCA – “Frustrated”
Te’Melo – “Blessed”
Brain Rapp – “Boom Bap”
Idrise – “Home Wreckin”
Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs – “In The Office”
Saratoga Migz – “Know What I’m Talking ‘Bout”
Stef Luva – “Long Gone”
Hippie Life Krew – “Do It For The Vine”
Feed God Cabbage – “Reggae Mon”
Be sure to follow DMV Live Radio & SummerSession on twitter for all your summer sessions updates!

Thursday July 25th, DMV Live Radio – A hip-hop focused radio show dedicated to showcasing DC, MD, and VA talent – will be hosting a free hip-hop concert at AXUM Lounge located at 1934 9th St. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009. Doors open at 8pm, with performances beginning around 9pm and ending at 1am. There will be a DJ showcase, open mic freestyle cipher, and performances by Te’Melo, Brain Rapp, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, Nike Nando, Pro’Verb, Queen Kyi, Stef Luvaa, Big Mall, and HippieLifeKrew – StefIsDope, Visto, KayeTrill, and Eazy. DJ NatureBoi will be spinning the hits and partying with the crowd throughout the night. And best of all this event is completely FREE!!!! Come through and show your local artists support at a price you can’t beat. It’s going to be a great night.


This is it ladies and gentleman. Paperboy has finally released a visual to his enigmatic hit, “In The Office”. Straight from his mixtape The Paper Route, David Porter aka Prince of the Suburbs is giving you a comedic look at the life of a 9-5’er. Of course in Paperboy fashion the video has some really funny moments and even funnier dances to make fun of time spent in the workplace. This song honestly should be an anthem for anyone familiar with the five day cubicle grind and the boredom that often ensues as a result of it. But, even if you don’t spend most of your days in the office this is still a jam that anyone can appreciate. I tip my hat to Paperboy for rapping about what he knows and not being afraid to have fun with his music. So, check out the video below and as usual let me now what you think. Also, go ahead and download Paperboy’s debut project The Paper Route while you’re at it.


The Paper Route is the debut project from University of Maryland alumnus David Porter aka Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs. This Bowie native who became somewhat of a YouTube sensation – after his McDonald’s rap went viral six years ago – has garnered over 600,000 YouTube views and over 600 subscribers by entertaining viewers and spectators alike with his comedic perspectives on current events, his occasional song parodies and his celebrity interviews. One of Paperboy’s greatest strengths are comedy and rapping and “The Paper Route” delivers exactly that. With its comedic overtones and often edgy lyrics, it makes for a great release from the bores of everyday life. His song “The Office” even takes a comedic jab at the lackluster life of a 9-to-5er. But, to say this project is only for “shits and giggles” would truly be a misreading of the music. Don’t let the Game Boy Advance chain and the Burger King crown fool you. Utilizing witty punch lines and similes “The Paper Route” is a very dynamic project. Paperboy delves into the hardships of being a black man in America in ‘Inspiration’, the everyday lies people tell and try to portray in ‘Illusions’, and gives you an open window into his Prince Georges County, Maryland upbringing in ‘Goregous Prince Georges’. For a debut project, this freshman effort has the sound of a seasoned rapper who has a much larger story to tell. I definitely feel as though Paperboy has the potential to be one of those great artists. To experience “The Paper Route” for yourself be sure to click the cover art below to download the project from DatPiff for free and definitely let me know how you feel about it after you listen to it. Follow Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Here’s a video of Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs’ live performance of “The Office”.

On Friday April 19th, DMV Live Radio goes green with music. To help celebrate Earth Day, the radio show is hosting a special music event for the lovers of hip-hop around the web. The performances will be broadcasted live via podcast from 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm. Performers include former DMG front-man Nike Nando, ArtLyfEnt’s JCA, DMVLiveRadio’s own Fresco Sounds, University of Maryland graduates Brain Rapp and Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, and Hippie Life Krew’s Kaye Trill. The Going Green Event will plant a host of new music in your inner lobe. Nike Nando will be dropping some fresh produce from his latest project “SPRDLV“. Kaye Trill will be unpacking some new tunes from his latest effort “Sex BBQ“. Paperboy will be delivering some quality music from his latest project “The Paper Route” and much more new music from the other performers. This is going to be an event you won’t want to miss and you won’t have to if you go to from 7:30 to 10:00pm on April 19th and listen in on some of the greatest hip-hop the D.C. metropolitan area has to offer. You can also click the e-flier below during the night of the show to be redirected to the live radio podcast. Tune in and let us know what you think.

Gong Green Event