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After spending years on rapping hiatus, NYC bred foodie, University of Maryland alumna, veteran Undergrounduate, and Hip-Hop freestyle phenomenon Lex Rush is gearing up to release her debut EP; but she needs your help. Lex is asking for donations and contributions to help pay for mixing and mastering of the many hits she’s compiling for your listening pleasure. Check out her Indiegogo and listen to some of my favorite songs and freestyles featuring Lex below and be sure to donate to help this project come into fruition. The campaign ends July 7th and trust me, Hip-Hop needs this project!!!





University of Maryland alumnus, hip-hop artist, and Denver transplant Dk aka Wayne Watts has released “No Photographs”, a new song from his Windows Theory project set to release on October 27th. This Kid Cudi-esque song takes the listener on a tour through his current trials and tribulations within and outside of the music world. I have been watching DK progress and evolve since 2006 and it feels good to see him continue pursuing his dreams. I especially enjoy this song not just because of how much of a departure it is from the normal DK formula, but because I can hear the truth in his lyrics and the cadences he’s crafting on the GraffitiTech produced beat. Click the link below, give it a listen and let me know what you think about the song by leaving a comment in the comments section below the post.

You can find DK aka Wayne Watts on SoundCloud, SonicBids, Twitter, BandCamp, and Facebook.

No Photographs (#WindowsTheory Demo Recording)

The DMV’s own Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs has teamed up with producer Maxwell Benson for a single titled “Spacestrunoght”. The single is from Benson’s Dawn Of A New Day EP which was released on August 11th and features various hip-hop acts boasting creative lyricism over his own creative production. The visual for “Spacestrunoght” is a comical animation that takes its viewers on the space trip that Paperboy details on the record. As we go on the journey through space and sound with Paperboy and Maxwell, we get a whimsical picture of what life would be like as an inter-planetary entertainer. And while some hip-hoppers may criticize this comedic approach to hip-hop music, I relish in it.

With all of its overt bravado, “swagger” and its “I’m better than you because…” lingo, I feel it’s only right that these tactics be used to make fun of hip-hop once in a while. And although Paperboy does it, it’s outlandish and over the top verses caricature hip-hop in a way that make it all enjoyable. To put it simple: “Spacestrunoght” is a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously and the corresponding video does a great job at displaying this notion. So, click the video below to check it out for yourself and as always, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below the post to let me know what you think.