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Follow the instructions below for  submitting posts.

Poetry Submissions

Email your original poem, short bio (optional, but preferred) and any artwork* and other relevant information about you (the author) or the poem to with Subject line: Your Poet Name/Moniker-“Name of Poem”-Poetry Submission.

Example of Subject Line: Arteest-“Dreams”-Poetry Submission

Music Submissions

Email your original song, mixtape, or album link* (Soundcloud, Spotify, Datpiff, or YouTube) and cover art to with Subject line: Your Music Artist Name/Moniker-“Name of Song or Music Project”-Music Submission-Audio/Video. Included in email should be a short bio and any other relevant information you wish to include about you [the music artist(s)], the producer, or the song. Note: Songs can be explicit versions, but we reserve the right to refuse songs that do not adhere to the sites moral standards and ethics. Radio and edited versions of media are highly appreciated and encouraged.

Example of Subject Line: Brain Rapp-“Shine”-Music Submission-Video

Event Submissions

Email an electronic flier or digital artwork* (preferably between sizes 614 x 418 and 1440 x 982) containing all pertinent information (Who, What, When, Where, etc.) of the event to with Subject line: Your Name/Moniker-Name of Event-Event Submission. Official press releases also containing this information is highly appreciated. Although we highly encourage event promoters and planners outside of the Washington DC Metropolitan area to submit event details to the site, members of Thee Arteest are based in the DC Metropolitan area and strive to promote local events. As a result, all events within DC, Maryland and Virginia take precedence over external events occurring outside of the DC Metro region. Note: For optimal exposure we ask that you email event submissions at least one week in advance of the event date.

Example of Subject Line: Arteest-DMV Live Radio Presents #SummerSessions3 “Summer Camp”-Event Submission

Personal Opinion Submissions

Have an interesting perspective on a topic you’re just dying to share with the webiverse? Want to tell the world about a new product you recently tried, a bad dating experience or give a review on a reality show you watched yesterday? Not a problem. Thee Arteest is dedicated to providing an outlet for creatives to express themselves and their passions. We accept personal opinion posts on a variety of topics (music, pop-culture, sports, food, movies, interviews, life events, funny stories, product reviews, and much more.) Sharing on Thee Arteest is not just simple, but very fun and rewarding. Whether you’d like to submit a single post as a one-time only occasion or would like to be a regular weekly or monthly contributor, simply email us at with subject line: Your Name-“Name of Personal Opinion Piece”-Personal Opinion Submission-Category and brief info (one to five sentences) about yourself.

Example of Subject Line: SpeedOnTheBeat-“This Week in Hip-Hop: “Has Jay Lost?” and More”-Personal Opinion Submission-Music

Posting at a Higher Standard (Posting Guidelines)

Although Thee Arteest celebrates artistic freedom, we do ask that you keep the voice and language of your personal opinion posts at a level that is appropriate for an audience aged 13+. As a site with a certain set of standards and ethics, Thee Arteest acknowledges its right to refuse posting undesirable submitted content for any reason at any time without prior notice. Please do not submit any spam, negative, distasteful or disturbing content nor content that could be considered pornographic in nature. This type of content will NOT be posted on the site. We want to represent your opinions, thoughts, and creativity in a positive way. Other than that, we look forward to sharing your art and creativity with the rest of the digital realm and we hope to receive a submission from you soon, so seize your opportunity to contribute today!

Queries and Questions

Email all content submission queries/questions to, Subject line: Your Name-Thee Arteest: Submission Query.

Example of Subject line: James Reynolds-Thee Arteest: Submission Query


*Note: Under NO circumstances will we accept any submissions via attachments. Attachments can carry viruses and we like our computers to remain virus free and safe to share everyone’s thoughts and ideas with the world. Any emails containing attachments will be hastily valet parked in our junk folder. Thanks in advance!

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