What is Thee Arteest?

In a world filled with second and third-hand media delineation, Thee Arteest rises to the challenge of distinguishing itself from the rest by posting content written by our writers on topics they are passionate about. We are a website that expounds on a variety of topics ranging the “infotainment” spectrum. Explore the site and you will discover anything from craft beer reviews to the latest hip-hop trends. Unlike many online media platforms, we invite our writers to put their opinions in their posts. In fact, we highly encourage it. Thus, all posts on Thee Arteest are the firsthand thoughts, accounts and opinions of our writers and contributors. We believe that everyone has a message, a story, and a valuable perspective on any given topic and it is our duty to empower these messages by sharing them with our prospective and current readers. Together we can craft greatness from the minds of the artistic!

What Do You Think?

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