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From the Icon himself:

Now I’m sure you don’t wanna hear a boring ass write up or something from anyone else explaining this project besides me so I’ll give you exactly what you want… 2007 I took a leap of faith and decided that I was gonna pursue music full-time with little to no experience in the music business. My goals have been to connect with teens like me who’ve been abused (physically & sexually) and give them inspiration by showing them that no matter how rough life can be, you can channel your energy into something that is positive and prosper. Over the past few years I’ve release[d] a number of projects that represent different stages in my life reflecting on what I’ve experienced and ICON is no different…” (Nike Nando)


Nike Nando – ICON: Lord Of The Flyy
1. Kingdom [Prod. Drew Beats]
2. Super Nike Nando II [Prod. Nike Nando]
3. Glow (Feat. Cayan) [Prod. Drew Beats]
4. Put Me On [Prod. Nike Nando]
5. Majin Vageta [Prod. Johnny Juliano]
6. The Low Down [Prod. NightRyder]
7. Caught In Lust (Feat. Dugee F. Buller) [Skit]
8. You Don’t Own Me [Prod. Sparkz Beats]
9. StarFox [Prod. Nike Nando]
10. Luh Me Doe (Feat. Rolls Royce Rizzy)
11. Hillfiger (Feat. Cayan)
12. M.O.B. [Prod. DeuceTheMusic]
13. What It Takes (Feat. Prince Akeem & Valleo) [Prod. Friendzone]
14. There She Go (Feat. Robbie Celeste) [Prod. Robbie Celeste]
15. Story Of My Life (Feat. Pop Smoothe) [Prod. Just Misfit]
Executive Producer(s)
Nike Nando x DeuceTheMusic
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For those who missed one of the most eclectic concerts of the year, here’s a quick rundown of my top nine most memorable experiences of this year’s Trillectro Music Festival:

1. Herbal Essences – No. I am not referencing that shampoo that had the risqué commercials back in the 90’s. While in the crowd observing performances  throughout the day I was hit with numerous waves of what Snoop Dogg terms the “sticky icky icky“. Oh don’t worry, I didn’t catch any contact. One thing I will say is that I definitely think that green magical plant is what helped keep people in positive moods for the duration of the festival.

2. Food Trucks – The food at the fairgrounds was provided by a multitude of food trucks. The most noticeable trucks were the grilled cheese truck, the cookie truck and the cheese steak truck. I ate my first cheese steak filled with cheese whiz at Trillectro and I must say the whiz makes all the difference. They filled that bread with savory steak, cheese whiz, chopped onions and topped it with ketchup and I was feeling like I was in sandwich heaven. Downside: The nine dollar price tag, the fact it didn’t come with fries or chips, and the fact they only accepted cash. But hey, when you’re hungry and at a festival you expect things to cost more and you should know to always bring cash.

3. Two Stages – Stage One: The Karmaloop stage sporting the Karmaloop logo was where most, if not all, of the EDM Dj’s ran their sets. Jumping  from those speakers were straight “wub wub!”, “boom! boom! boom!”, and a multitude of crowd snatching, endorphin surging tunes that kept the festival dwellers moving for hours. The second stage was the main stage. It was set up for the music performers. I arrived at the festival just in time to catch the last thirty or so minutes of EDM sets and then I stood in the crowd to watch Casey Veggies, Travis Scott, King Chip, Asap Ferg and Asap Rocky tear down DC like no other. Sidenote: Travis Scott is the most hype performer I have ever seen. His stage presence is not just strangely captivating, but even a little ominous. That could possibly be attributed to his hype and yet sometimes grim beats. But, there was no doubt about it. In the conversation of who reigned supreme at Trillectro, hands down it was Asap Ferg with the rest of the Asap mob. Those guys took over the stage and had the entire Trillectro festival jumping.

4. Drinks – Those who know me know that I love beer. So I was more than happy when I discovered tall boy (16 ounces) Redd’s Apple Ale was available at the festival. I think I drank three or four of them. They also had tall boy’s of Sam Adams Summer Shandy, Bud Light and a few other beers that I seldom drink. Margaritas and strawberry lemonade were also in their non-beer drink selection and when I tell you those margaritas were good too, I mean it. They were delicious! Downside: Sixteen ounce beers were priced as high as seven dollars. So make sure that if you go to the festival next year you have plenty of money on you.

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5. DMV Music Artists – As a frequent planner of hiphop showcases in the DC metro area, a radio show host and executive producer I have developed a relationship with many local music artists. Trillectro was definitely not low on local talent on and off the stage. While walking around the fairgrounds I bumped into local artists Lyriciss, ill Stafa, Seph Ade, Nike Nando, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, Brain Rapp, Ike Da Kid, Kaye Trill, Stef, and many more. With all of the local artists so easily accessible, Trillectro almost felt more like the DMV’s (DC, MD, and VA) own smaller version of SXSW (South by Southwest). And let’s not forget those DMV artists who actually performed like New Retro, Phil Ade, Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, RDGLDGRN and Wale!

6. Beautiful Women – Although there were many women who looked like they’d attended one too many ragers or just didn’t know what was appropriate for their body size. There were enough beautiful women to balance out the overall aesthetic of the festival. Needless to say, I definitely saw some head turners. But, it wasn’t just their faces that made them beautiful. So many women were dressed down and just ready to have a good time. It was moreso their pure style and what some may refer to as “swag” that drew me and many other guys eyes into their directions. It was not unusual to see natural hair, locs, tattoos, headbands, hand-made bracelets and chains, and completely couture outfits. Many women were on their hippy status and that made the vibe so much more enjoyable.

7. Eccentric People – The eccentricity didn’t end with the female festival attendees. Many of their male counterparts were adorned in hand-crafted wooden necklaces, tie dye shirts, and other throwback and vintage style getups. It was quite common to see a guy sporting camo shorts, a tye die tee, a bucket hat with marijuana leaves imprinted on it, slip-on flops, a drink in one hand and a doobie in the other. There were women wearing bra’s like they were bikini tops, kids sporting blonde locs, and black and white peace socks that revealed the plant just above their Jordans.  I revelled in the environment. I loved the fact that no two people looked alike. Everyone had their own style. The festival of individualism was a great escape from the Monday to Friday, nine-to-five khaki pants and blue shirt wearing clone doldrums that many DC dwellers undergo.

8. “Turn Up!” – The phrase of the day was definitely “Turn Up!” (to become energetic, highly enthused or overly excited) And man did we turn up once the ASAP Mob hit the stage. ASAP Ferg’s “Work” and “Shabba” got the entire crowd off their feet. At that point anyone at the festival who hadn’t relaxed and let loose, did. For ASAP Ferg’s entire set everyone in the festival turned up and went wild for the night. Of course ASAP Rocky’s surprise guest appearance during Ferg’s set was definitely a bonus that took the level of excitement to higher heights. With the alcohol flowing, the green leaves lit, and the music pumping everyone was forced to Turn Up!

9. Comradery – Myth: When large crowds of black people develop, a fight generally ensues. Fact: During the four and a half hours I attended the Trillectro festival I did not experience one fight. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there weren’t any. I am simply saying that I didn’t hear of any or see any while I was there. I feel like the type of people who attend an event like Trillectro aren’t there to cause problems. It felt like we were all there to have fun and relax from the everyday stresses of life. Within those fairground walls, the outside world no longer existed. We became immersed in the moments. Of course within the crowd shoes were stepped on, people regularly brushed against you or shoved a little to dash for a closer view of the performances. But, it was as if there was an unspoken agreement between all the attendees there that these actions were not out of disrespect. They were simply a result of heightened energy within the fairground walls and spatial laws that meant there was no way to avoid it. But, most people were smart to avoid wearing really nice shoes. And those who weren’t, either stayed out of the large crowd or were so turned up they didn’t care.

Overall, I had a great Trillectro experience. Although the four hours I spent there seemed to fly by and I spent more money than I may have planned, my greatest memories are the expressions on everyone’s faces, the people I encountered and the overall positive vibe. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We were all happy. And that’s what festivals are all about. Right?

Thursday July 25th, DMV Live Radio – A hip-hop focused radio show dedicated to showcasing DC, MD, and VA talent – will be hosting a free hip-hop concert at AXUM Lounge located at 1934 9th St. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009. Doors open at 8pm, with performances beginning around 9pm and ending at 1am. There will be a DJ showcase, open mic freestyle cipher, and performances by Te’Melo, Brain Rapp, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, Nike Nando, Pro’Verb, Queen Kyi, Stef Luvaa, Big Mall, and HippieLifeKrew – StefIsDope, Visto, KayeTrill, and Eazy. DJ NatureBoi will be spinning the hits and partying with the crowd throughout the night. And best of all this event is completely FREE!!!! Come through and show your local artists support at a price you can’t beat. It’s going to be a great night.


On Friday April 19th, DMV Live Radio goes green with music. To help celebrate Earth Day, the radio show is hosting a special music event for the lovers of hip-hop around the web. The performances will be broadcasted live via podcast from 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm. Performers include former DMG front-man Nike Nando, ArtLyfEnt’s JCA, DMVLiveRadio’s own Fresco Sounds, University of Maryland graduates Brain Rapp and Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, and Hippie Life Krew’s Kaye Trill. The Going Green Event will plant a host of new music in your inner lobe. Nike Nando will be dropping some fresh produce from his latest project “SPRDLV“. Kaye Trill will be unpacking some new tunes from his latest effort “Sex BBQ“. Paperboy will be delivering some quality music from his latest project “The Paper Route” and much more new music from the other performers. This is going to be an event you won’t want to miss and you won’t have to if you go to from 7:30 to 10:00pm on April 19th and listen in on some of the greatest hip-hop the D.C. metropolitan area has to offer. You can also click the e-flier below during the night of the show to be redirected to the live radio podcast. Tune in and let us know what you think.

Gong Green Event

SPRDLV is the latest project released from Maryland’s own Nike Nando. This DMV hip-hop artist has been penning rhymes and releasing great projects and freestyles for the last five years and SPRDLV is no exception. With production credits from Deuce The Music, Drew Beats, Era Hardaway, and more; artist features from The Kid Daytona, Tabi Bonney, Scolla and more; and Fleet Dj’s own DJ Grady hosting, SPRDLV is definitely a complete project built for quality and versatility. Boasting a diverse selection of samples, original sounds and rap cadences, SPRDLV doesn’t just spread Nike Nando’s rap skills, but also a seamlessly organic bravado over beats that many may refer to as swag. But, after listening to his music, watching his performances and seeing Nando develop over the last few years, I simply refer to it as him being comfortable in his own skin and really fitting into the mold of the artist HE wants to be. I am spreading love by telling you about a possible future XXL lister and definite artist to look out for in the months and years to come. So how about you SPRDLV by downloading and listening to the project? You can do so by clicking the cover art below. Also, be sure to follow Nando through his various social media profiles and music outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

Nike Nando-SPRDLV

Check out this visual of Nike Nando’s “Platinum” (Prod. Matt Mcghee)

Playlist the DMV Mixtape?

After months of hearing great music projects from DMV (DC, Md., & Va.) music artists, I decided it was time for someone to start a series of mixtapes that would expose the rest of the world to the DMV’s music scene. “Playlist the DMV” is the product of that idea. Organized by me, Arteest and released under the ArtLyfEnt (Arteestic Lifestyle Entertainment) brand, this series is a collection of songs from talented artists all over The District, Maryland, and Virginia. This is my attempt at helping artists from the area by providing an additional outlet for getting their music heard.

Each mixtape explores a broad range of vocal, production, and collaborative abilities. Artists range from amateur, unsigned hype to musically seasoned, signed entertainers. Songs will range from the more mainstream sounds we are used to hearing on radio and TV to the more underground type of appeal appreciated by true music enthusiasts. Every volume in the series will give listeners a musically diverse project from one of the most profitable and listened to genres in the world: Hip-Hop.

The title “Playlist the DMV” came from the idea of searching the genres “hip-hop” or “rap” in iTunes to create a playlist and this mixtape is what you would get; a playlist of various music artists who rap about diverse themes and have a wide array of styles and sounds.

All available internet resources will be utilized to make each volume of the series more accessible. Every mixtape in the series will be free and will be uploaded to websites like and and also downloadable via Hulkshare and various blogs. It will also be promoted via facebook, twitter, and word of mouth. Under the ArtLyfEnt brand with the help of music lovers everywhere ArtLyfEnt hopes to become a major influence in music, organize and host quality mixtapes, and help elevate unsigned artists to gain national if not global attention. That is the mission of ArtLyfEnt and the “Playlist The DMV” series and I hope everyone enjoys volumes one through four and future volumes of the series.

ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist The DMV Vol. 4

This is the fourth installment in ArtLyfEnt’s Playlist The DMV series. It features talented music artists from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area). Most of the artists from this mixtape already have mixtapes and musical projects of their own. This project provides a sample of what their mixtapes sound like. PTDMV 4 features songs from such DMV music artists as Black Cobain, UCB, Nike Nando, DTMD, Muggsy Malone, and Kid Musiq to name a few. With 19 tracks that prove the DMV music scene is hungry and thriving, volume 4 packs some bass heavy, super lyrical songs and some laid back, suave jams that are guaranteed to strike a moment of nostalgia for the ol’ school hip-hop head and yet intrigue the average neo hip-hop enthusiast. Curious? Download ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist The DMV Volume 4 and find out what the DMV has to offer.

To download volume 4 click cover art above

To download volume 4 click cover art above

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For mixtape placement inquiries contact:

Emerging from a budding DMV (D.C., Md. & Va.) music scene springs the eclectic and talented Ihsan Bilal. With countless features on local hip-hop artist’s songs and a style like no other, Ihsan Bilal is definitely on a path to bring her lifelong dream to life. Music has been a huge influence in her life since the young age of six. With a father who is a keyboardist and singer, and a brother who is an emerging music artist himself, there is no doubt that musical affluence runs in the Bilal family. With a knack for music and film, this songstress is destined for greatness and future success. I had the opportunity to meet Ihsan and briefly speak with her on a few occasions and although our conversations were brief, I could see that she has a beautiful spirit. Her professionalism combined with her talent and positivity are what caught my attention and made me to want to know more about her experiences, her hopes and dreams, and her plans for the future. So here it is:

Ihsan Bilal

@Arteest1: I know you have been writing and singing since the age of six. What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

@Ihsanbilal: There were a few instances but one that really stood out was when I was a little girl and I saw Michael Jackson perform on tv at the super bowl. I said to myself I want to be like that and have a gazillion people know who I am, anticipate my every move, and help people over the entire world lol through my music!

@Arteest1: What influence has your family played in your music career?

@Ihsanbilal: My family is awesome lol! We are all involved in the arts in some way. My father really believed in me at a very young age and always entered me in talent shows. I have four younger siblings and we were like a modern day jackson 5. My brother AB produces, writes, sings, and raps. He produces most of my music.  My brother Nabeeh creates music videos, he founded CreativeJunkFood and shot my animated “Barbie Doll” music video. My sister Karimah sings background for me from time to time and we all support each other.

@Arteest1: What is the motivation behind your music?

@Ihsanbilal: Art. Just pure Art. I could go on and say a specific show or movie. But, I’m inspired by Life and that in itself is Art.

@Arteest1: I know you have worked with numerous local music artists like X.O., Cayan, Nike Nando, and PHZ-Sicks. What other producers, music artists, and/or bands have you collaborated with?

@Ihsanbilal: Ra the Mc, Jay Millz, Emperess, Chris Barz, Deangelo Redman, 2tone 7, pert mcfly  and the list goes on and on.
I feel blessed!!

@Arteest1: Name some of your favorite music artists/musicians.

@Ihsanbilal: Of course MJ. My favorite is N.E.R.D.,Beyonce’, Prince, Marsha Ambrosius, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson and a whole lot more

@Arteest1: What musicians/music artists would you like to work with?

@Ihsanbilal: I definitely would love to branch out of the city and work with everyone. NERD is #1 on my list:) They’re so different and underrated in my opinion.

@Arteest1: Describe your dream performance.

@Ihsanbilal: The super bowl and the Grammy’s- I fantasize every year these award shows come on- sighhhhh …one day lol!

@Arteest1: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

@Ihsanbilal: I love sports! I used to play soccer, t-ball, softball, tennis (for a few days lol) and basketball. I’m a huge basketball fan. Derreck Rose is the man. lol! I predict Chicago winning the ring this year!:)

@Arteest1: I know that you have executive produced a few music videos. What videos did you produce, how was that experience and do you see yourself producing more in the future?

@Ihsanbilal: I executive produced all of my music videos. We are up to number 6 yayyyyy! A lot of work goes into them, sleepless nights, literally blood sweat and tears.  I’m actually in the process of putting together my biggest production yet for my debut single “Big Band Theory” . We’re shooting that next month in a week! I have the Ballou Marching band plus over 100 other people on set. This will be pretty cool when its done.

@Arteest1: How did you link up with The Danvilles and how has your experience performing with them been?

@Ihsanbilal: Long story short- By me telling everyone that doesn’t know me that I’m a singer (you never know who you’re going to meet). I met Mike (the creator of merrifield records) and we connected instantly. The guys are cool. We rehearsed once and headed to Texas. Its been pretty awesome to know that no matter your race, color, or creed people just really love talent! I’m a black girl singing at 98% white events and I get so much love. Its so humbling!

@Arteest1: I know your debut album ‘Big Red Box’ releases on May 31st. What is the motivation behind it and what can we expect from the project?

@Ihsanbilal: Expect a different sound not only as a whole but each song is different. I have a song for every popular genre out there. But it’s going to give you an alternative R&B feel. Its my box of different sounds. Its my present to the fans.

Ihsan Bilal - Big Band Theory - Single

@Arteest1: What do you want people to take from your music?

@Ihsanbilal: Empowerment is what I aim for. I like to be thought of as a motivational singer/ speaker. I want to make people feel good and touched when hearing my music which in essence is everyone’s music once its put out!

@Arteest1: I always ask people I talk to about their hopes for the future. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

@Ihsanbilal: I see big success in the near future. With that success my team that pushes me to keep going will receive that, DC being even bigger than what it is now. I can definitely see me touring the world, starting up a few charities/ organizations, opening up a school for the arts, and being even happier than I am now.

@Arteest1: What would you like to tell your current and prospective fans?

@Ihsanbilal: For anyone wanting to pursue anything in life always be professional about it, never give up, give it time to grow (no one is perfect), and never let anyone tell you that “You can’t”!!!

Thank-you all for your support and I hope to continue to motivate, inspire, and empower you all!!!


Well, I can honestly say that you have the talent in you. As long as you keep the drive and the humility I can definitely see you going far in your musical pursuit. Keep up the positivity and remain true to yourself and your music and you will always have my support and the support of your fans. I appreciate you taking the time out to teach us a little about yourself and I hope to continue to hear great things from you in the future.

You Can Follow and keep up with Ihsan Bilal at:!/ihsanbilal

You can download her latest single
“Big Band Theory” today on iTunes!®

My introduction to the DMV music scene began two years ago, one night in DC at a lounge off of U Street called Axum. I had been hanging out with a couple of rap friends JCA and Roc (he now lives in Cali) and we were  attending an event called The Beat Clash. It was a local producer battle, the first of its kind and Roc’s younger brother Busa had entered. At this point in my musical time line I had already been exposed to the greatness that was BusaBeats production, so I, along with his brother and our friend JCA were pretty confident in his talent. Up to that point in my life, I had never even heard of a producer battle, let alone attended one, so needless to say it was an entirely new experience for me.

We entered Axum lounge, a kind of “sleeper” lounge from the outside. I remember thinking to myself, “the beat battle is in this place?” From the outside it looked like a shack. Not very aesthetically appealing to say the least. But once we got upstairs on the second floor I was pleasantly surprised. We were greeted with the sounds of laughter, conversations, and hip-hop music. The upstairs lounge was nicely laid out and there was a decent little crowd at the time of our arrival. We had gotten there early to ensure that Busa would have a slot for the battle. I remember one of the first people I saw when I got up the stairs was this short dude with these really nice shoes on. We exchanged quick eye contact and for some reason I got this arrogant, cocky vibe from him. It kinda felt like he thought I should know who he was. It’s funny now that I look back at it cause I know now, that guy was DMV rapper Nike Nando. LoL And he actually is a really good, talented guy. I’ve had the pleasure of featuring him and his DMG crew on DMV Live Radio, a radio show I host (you’ll learn more about that later) and he once performed at an Undergrounduates event I organized (you’ll learn more about that later as well).

Anyway, Roc, Busa, JCA, and I hung out talking about music and stuff and we met up with more of JCA and Roc’s friends there as they came through before the event started. We were having a good time and then this guy with dreads who looked really busy comes over and briefly says wassup to JCA and JCA introduced him to us as either Nathan or Sinitus, that part I can’t really remember. But I do know that today Sinitus Tempo and I are great associates, he’s a super talented producer from the DMV that I will clue you all into in later posts. At this point in the evening the battle was about to begin. So everyone moved to the front of the room where it was going to go down. I remember looking over at Busa after the first round, checking to see if he was nervous. He said he was a little. I just remember hearing some of what his competition had to offer and JCA and I telling him he’s good, he’s got it. We didn’t know just how right we were.

After a few great live performances from artists PHZ-Sicks, JF Coop, Obii Say and many more, we witnessed the final round of the beat battle. It was a battle between the two youngest people in the competition, BusaBeats who was 18 at the time and a kid who went by the alias Prometheus who was 17 at the time. He was actually so young that his mom had taken him to the competition and was right next to him throughout the night. He almost didn’t get to stay for the final round because she wanted to take him home. He had school the next day…lol But after some convincing from the judges and the host Stef telling her what the reward was, she allowed her son to compete in the last round of the evening. But, while her son Prometheus had some amazing beats, they weren’t strong enough to beat the dynamic versatility that is BusaBeats production. The beats he played blew the crowd away and solidified his new position as the first Beat Clash champion ever.

Busa’s win further approved the notions in our minds that he was a phenomenal producer in the making. That event was the very first time I had been exposed to live DMV hip-hop and it changed my perception of the music in my area and the direction of my life’s path from that day forward. Good times!