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Mark your calendars folks!

Delegation Music and Electric Squeeze join forces for a live Hip-Hop and EDM party that’s sure to keep the DMV moving ’til 2AM.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7th (9:30PM – 2:00AM)

ZEBA BAR (3423 14th St Northwest, DC)


Yogi Nando, DJ DimLit (of Sounduo) and The Delegation Music Collective

Presented by Electric Squeeze

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Just when I was starting to somewhat get over the injustice displayed in the George Zimmerman verdict, I discover Zimmerman himself wants to take up Celebrity Boxing. As if his many antics and outright despicable behavior in the weeks and months following the highly publicized trial weren’t bad enough, this guy has the nerve to try to profit from his victim’s death at the expense of America’s morals, ethics, and values.

While I admit my initial reaction to the news that Zimmerman wanted to box anyone…even a black person (I’m paraphrasing what he said), all of the rage and resentment toward this man wanted to see him finally get what he deserved. However, after some time passed and I saw how the media (social and informational) sensationalized this event and has been going to great lengths to exploit the death of Trayvon Martin, I began to feel bad, dirty even. I came to my senses and began to think about my humanity and the emotions that flowed throughout my being as the verdict of the trial was delegated. I began to think this boxing idea was not such a great idea. In fact, I began to think of it as quite disgusting.

Here we have this man who shot and killed a defenseless young adult. A man who despite the faulty evidence and testimonies of the trial that left many potholes in his story, gets a not-guilty verdict. A man who after literally getting away with murder concocts a story of him being some sort of superhero which we later discover was completely faked and false. A man whose own wife left him after the trial because of his crazy, aggressiveness toward her and her father i.e. the iPad, gun incident. A man who finds countless negative ways to make headlines and place himself back in the public eye, yet never gets reprimanded for his irrational and dangerous behavior. A man who makes a mockery of the judicial system. Are we really going to support this man by providing him the opportunity to further mock the American people and take advantage of a life he took to help exploit his superiority complex, his need for attention, and his and fight promoter Damon Feldman’s personal greed and shamelessness?

I think we must take into account the ripple effect of such an event and we must keep in mind that no matter the outcome of the fight, if it is to happen, no one really wins. The viewers of this fight won’t win. Even if he wins the fight, it won’t make DMX a hero. He won’t be immortalized or placed on a pedestal and whether he wins or not it won’t bring Trayvon Martin back and Zimmerman is still a free man roaming the streets. The people who didn’t like Zimmerman before will still dislike him. Zimmerman supporters will still support him. No one will be vindicated and those feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment brought on by the verdict of the trial will still linger on in our memories and in our beings. So tell me America, is this the way we do things? Do we give murderers the spotlight and allow them to completely make a joke of a horrible situation? Do we allow known killers to profit from death and possibly spark up more racial tension in America?

I think we are smarter, more sensible, more sympathetic and understanding than that. I think this fight should not occur and this is why I have created a petition to prevent it from happening. And I am not alone. If you agree with me and the citizen who created the petition to thwart this fight, please sign it and show your support. Together we can make a difference. Let’s prove our humanity! Let’s show that we do not support race baiting and death profiting!


1. Change.Org – Petitioning Damon Feldman: Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match (Name/Address needed to sign petition)


At least it looked more promising than the first time.

For part one, click here.

To sum it up, my second trip to TT involved someone being thrown out and slow service with a highly anti-enthusiastic crowd. But, at least the gogo dancers had back this time. That’s a consolation, right? Anyone? No? Well, without further ado, here’s the long version.

IMG_20131020_004415I arrived around 11:45. I find getting to a place for “Zombie Time” (especially in a college town) allows you to see it for all its glory–or, in the case of The Barking Dog, lack thereof. Once inside, I saw the place was halfway crowded. A marked improvement over the grand opening night. However, it was still a bit discouraging, considering the “thousands” that apparently flocked to the spot over the past few weeks. Little did I know, the night would go down the tubes quicker than crowds began to disperse.

My first mistake? I decided to go to the non-island bar. People who remember Fe, you’ll remember this sort of thing didn’t really exist before the Big Switch. So, it was an interesting sight to see. In some ways, it was a gentle homage to Fe, since part of the bar was outside as well. But, nostalgia went out the window once The Wait began.

IMG_20131020_004834I’ve been to fully clothed strip clubs with better service. I went to the bar as soon as I got in and didn’t get a drink until 12:30. Literally, nothing I did worked. I was almost tempted to (with permission, of course) have a patron go topless to get the bartenders’ attention. But, I don’t think even that could’ve re-railed the train wreck of insanity. (Speed on the Beat Drinking Game: every time I say train wreck in this post, take a shot of 151. I’m sure you’ll have more fun than I did.)


This is Dalivia. She works at the aforementioned Blowfish. She also makes drinks that kill people.

I began to think that it was because of, you know, me being a black male in a “club” which played techno remixes of “Problems” and “All Gold Everything.” But, alas, racism wasn’t the flavor of the night, just sub-par service and general douchery. By the time I received my drink, any buzz I’d accumulated from the Blowfish bar in Beltsville was long gone. As a sidenote, if you ever visit Blowfish between Monday and Wednesday, and some weekends, make sure Dalivia serves you. She gives some insanely potent drinks and isn’t all that bad on the eyes. But, I digress.

At 12:40, I was propositioned by a young man asking for a cigarette. He almost kissed me three times in 10 seconds. I’ve never wanted to punch a dude out more in my life. Not because he was (potentially) gay, because hate crimes are stupid and have no place in developed society. It was more that this guy  invaded my personal space like no other person has, made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, and tried to kiss me. Cooler heads prevailed and I avoided catching a case, and he walked away, eventually. I swear, I think it’s because I’m 5’7″-ish sometimes, that people think I’ll take what’s given. Nope. But, that’s another post for another time.


Oh, I haven’t even gotten to the fun parts. At least five times an hour in TT, I saw someone get thrown out forcibly. Most of the people, well, they deserved it. There was one girl, who couldn’t have weighed over 110 pounds and wasn’t a complete train wreck, who suffered the same fate. I mean, bouncers that are ready to throw people out only two-plus weeks into the place’s existence rubs me some type of way. I mean, I know the last TT’s demise was predicated by a slew of bad behavior. Nevertheless, an almost authoritarian approach to kicking (possible) baddies out isn’t exactly the best option either–in my humble opinion. When I (somewhat) worked at Bentley’s as a (kind of) bouncer, there was the mindset of “hey, if they’ve had too much to drink, go to them and ask them to leave. If they don’t, bring in some other people to give that ‘fear in numbers’ vibe. If they still don’t, then you have a bit of authority to use reasonable force.” The people at TT weren’t really given those options and were tossed accordingly. Mind you, this is from an objective stance; I may have missed something, but I’m just telling you what I saw.

At 1:00AM, I decided all hope was lost, as I saw even the go-go dancers were headed out to get away from some of the randomness of the night. So, as I’ve done many times before, I made that potentially dangerous trek across Knox Road and then across Baltimore Avenue.


As politically incorrect as she is, the girl isn’t completely dense with her (almost) equal-opportunity humor.

Waiting to get inside Cornerstone, I looked back over to Terrapin Turf. “This place can be amazing,” I thought. “But, its placement, and atmosphere may scare a lot of people away.” In College Park, most people go to Route One for cheap drinks, cheap thrills, and an atmosphere where they don’t feel segregated against for not being on the up-and-up. Ok, maybe “segregated” isn’t exactly the best word, but you get the idea.

TT is, in some ways, for the Rebecca Martinson’s (of “c-word punching soror letter” and BroBible fame) of College Park who want a DC vibe without DC prices. That is, when they’re not busy calling sorors c-words, offering up outlandish dating advice, and/or staying away from poor minorities. That’s not to say that TT itself isn’t to blame for its shortcomings thus far. The place is a train wreck of a pseudo-club at the moment, and half-hour drink waits, along with more tosses than Flacco when the Ravens are losing is ridiculous–new spot or not.

Shameless Plug Alert: Check out my new freeverse over something resembling the “Born Sinner” instrumental. Subjectively, it’s friggin’ awesome.

Now that the music’s out the way, let’s get into the feature presentation.

It’s me, it’s me. It’s the No-Fi King, Speed on the Beat back with entry number two (of over 9000) for Thee Arteest. Today kids, we’re going to talk about a new place for all you youngsters and hip cats to groove at called Terrapin’s Turf, or, Terrapins Turf, or TT. When a place already is trying too hard to make itself trendy right when it opens, you’re probably going to run into some craziness.

People in the DMV may remember a little club in DC called Platinum. It opened to a decent amount of fanfare and included lots of things that’d make you shake your head. Some of these included lots of bros, Middle Eastern women who didn’t even want to think about thinking about a Black guy, and overall douchiness. Oh, and gogo dancers. Lots and lots of gogo dancers. It was as if the worst things about a nightclub and the basis of a booty club rolled into bed and created some bastard child of a convoluted mess of a club. Suffice to say, the place has been shut down since late 2007.

Meanwhile, in College Park (which could’ve have been an album title from either myself or DK aka Wayne Watts), a bar by the name of Santa Fe was about three years away from closing itself. A landmark of sorts in the area, Fe offered an alternative to the Cornerstones, Bents, and Thirsty Turtles (the “original” TT) of the world. Live music, professional DJs, the whole nine. No knocks intended to C-Stone or Bentley’s, because I frequented/kind of worked/paid bartenders’ tuition costs at both of them, but Fe, in some ways, had them beat.

And, then the music stopped. Mostly because of sprinkler system issues.

Fast forward to October 2013. After a slew of rumors, false starts, and even rumblings of a Foot Locker opening up in the Fe spot, Terrapin’s Turf finally opened its doors. And, let me tell you. It’s not Fe, but it doesn’t need to be.

Armed with gogo dancers, a rave-like atmosphere, and that same damn island bar, the atmosphere is amazing. But, it seems that with this new atmosphere, we’re given similar situations to the aforementioned Platinum. I got into the club around 12:45, perfect timing as it was still “zombie time” and it was the grand opening. The amount of people standing outside of C-Stone and Bentley’s easily surpassed the total group in TT. That’s the first alarm of a prolonged death waiting to happen. Secondly, no one danced, or even looked like they were having fun. Like Platinum, it seemed like people were more concerned with how they looked versus having fun. While the drinks were strong, the atmosphere was dead enough to kill a vibe of Kendrick Lamar proportions. Third, while the bar looked amazing and the gogo dancers were hot–some of them, anyway–the vibe carried over to make every second in the place seem kind of life-suckingly horrible. Now, it could just be first week jitters. But, even Looney’s, Barking Dog, and that other sports bar where Vito’s used to be had better vibes, better crowds, and better people. Or maybe it’s just a case of “UMD Can’t Have Nice Things Because They Won’t Really Appreciate Them?” Either way, I give it a year, maybe two, before we’re looking at just another empty spot in Route One, wondering what could have been.

1. Ultra Fest in Miami (This Looks AMAZING!!!)

2. Coachella (They Brought Tupac Back To Life)

3. Trillectro (An Eclectic music Experience)

4. Rock The Bells (They Brought ODB Back To Life)

5. Burning Man (The Most Eccentric Festival on The Planet)

6. Mardi Gras (A Drunken Good Time)

Can’t Show Any of Those Videos…just YouTube Mardi Gras and you’ll see what I mean.

7. SXSW (Feel The Energy!!!)





For those who missed one of the most eclectic concerts of the year, here’s a quick rundown of my top nine most memorable experiences of this year’s Trillectro Music Festival:

1. Herbal Essences – No. I am not referencing that shampoo that had the risqué commercials back in the 90’s. While in the crowd observing performances  throughout the day I was hit with numerous waves of what Snoop Dogg terms the “sticky icky icky“. Oh don’t worry, I didn’t catch any contact. One thing I will say is that I definitely think that green magical plant is what helped keep people in positive moods for the duration of the festival.

2. Food Trucks – The food at the fairgrounds was provided by a multitude of food trucks. The most noticeable trucks were the grilled cheese truck, the cookie truck and the cheese steak truck. I ate my first cheese steak filled with cheese whiz at Trillectro and I must say the whiz makes all the difference. They filled that bread with savory steak, cheese whiz, chopped onions and topped it with ketchup and I was feeling like I was in sandwich heaven. Downside: The nine dollar price tag, the fact it didn’t come with fries or chips, and the fact they only accepted cash. But hey, when you’re hungry and at a festival you expect things to cost more and you should know to always bring cash.

3. Two Stages – Stage One: The Karmaloop stage sporting the Karmaloop logo was where most, if not all, of the EDM Dj’s ran their sets. Jumping  from those speakers were straight “wub wub!”, “boom! boom! boom!”, and a multitude of crowd snatching, endorphin surging tunes that kept the festival dwellers moving for hours. The second stage was the main stage. It was set up for the music performers. I arrived at the festival just in time to catch the last thirty or so minutes of EDM sets and then I stood in the crowd to watch Casey Veggies, Travis Scott, King Chip, Asap Ferg and Asap Rocky tear down DC like no other. Sidenote: Travis Scott is the most hype performer I have ever seen. His stage presence is not just strangely captivating, but even a little ominous. That could possibly be attributed to his hype and yet sometimes grim beats. But, there was no doubt about it. In the conversation of who reigned supreme at Trillectro, hands down it was Asap Ferg with the rest of the Asap mob. Those guys took over the stage and had the entire Trillectro festival jumping.

4. Drinks – Those who know me know that I love beer. So I was more than happy when I discovered tall boy (16 ounces) Redd’s Apple Ale was available at the festival. I think I drank three or four of them. They also had tall boy’s of Sam Adams Summer Shandy, Bud Light and a few other beers that I seldom drink. Margaritas and strawberry lemonade were also in their non-beer drink selection and when I tell you those margaritas were good too, I mean it. They were delicious! Downside: Sixteen ounce beers were priced as high as seven dollars. So make sure that if you go to the festival next year you have plenty of money on you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. DMV Music Artists – As a frequent planner of hiphop showcases in the DC metro area, a radio show host and executive producer I have developed a relationship with many local music artists. Trillectro was definitely not low on local talent on and off the stage. While walking around the fairgrounds I bumped into local artists Lyriciss, ill Stafa, Seph Ade, Nike Nando, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, Brain Rapp, Ike Da Kid, Kaye Trill, Stef, and many more. With all of the local artists so easily accessible, Trillectro almost felt more like the DMV’s (DC, MD, and VA) own smaller version of SXSW (South by Southwest). And let’s not forget those DMV artists who actually performed like New Retro, Phil Ade, Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, RDGLDGRN and Wale!

6. Beautiful Women – Although there were many women who looked like they’d attended one too many ragers or just didn’t know what was appropriate for their body size. There were enough beautiful women to balance out the overall aesthetic of the festival. Needless to say, I definitely saw some head turners. But, it wasn’t just their faces that made them beautiful. So many women were dressed down and just ready to have a good time. It was moreso their pure style and what some may refer to as “swag” that drew me and many other guys eyes into their directions. It was not unusual to see natural hair, locs, tattoos, headbands, hand-made bracelets and chains, and completely couture outfits. Many women were on their hippy status and that made the vibe so much more enjoyable.

7. Eccentric People – The eccentricity didn’t end with the female festival attendees. Many of their male counterparts were adorned in hand-crafted wooden necklaces, tie dye shirts, and other throwback and vintage style getups. It was quite common to see a guy sporting camo shorts, a tye die tee, a bucket hat with marijuana leaves imprinted on it, slip-on flops, a drink in one hand and a doobie in the other. There were women wearing bra’s like they were bikini tops, kids sporting blonde locs, and black and white peace socks that revealed the plant just above their Jordans.  I revelled in the environment. I loved the fact that no two people looked alike. Everyone had their own style. The festival of individualism was a great escape from the Monday to Friday, nine-to-five khaki pants and blue shirt wearing clone doldrums that many DC dwellers undergo.

8. “Turn Up!” – The phrase of the day was definitely “Turn Up!” (to become energetic, highly enthused or overly excited) And man did we turn up once the ASAP Mob hit the stage. ASAP Ferg’s “Work” and “Shabba” got the entire crowd off their feet. At that point anyone at the festival who hadn’t relaxed and let loose, did. For ASAP Ferg’s entire set everyone in the festival turned up and went wild for the night. Of course ASAP Rocky’s surprise guest appearance during Ferg’s set was definitely a bonus that took the level of excitement to higher heights. With the alcohol flowing, the green leaves lit, and the music pumping everyone was forced to Turn Up!

9. Comradery – Myth: When large crowds of black people develop, a fight generally ensues. Fact: During the four and a half hours I attended the Trillectro festival I did not experience one fight. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there weren’t any. I am simply saying that I didn’t hear of any or see any while I was there. I feel like the type of people who attend an event like Trillectro aren’t there to cause problems. It felt like we were all there to have fun and relax from the everyday stresses of life. Within those fairground walls, the outside world no longer existed. We became immersed in the moments. Of course within the crowd shoes were stepped on, people regularly brushed against you or shoved a little to dash for a closer view of the performances. But, it was as if there was an unspoken agreement between all the attendees there that these actions were not out of disrespect. They were simply a result of heightened energy within the fairground walls and spatial laws that meant there was no way to avoid it. But, most people were smart to avoid wearing really nice shoes. And those who weren’t, either stayed out of the large crowd or were so turned up they didn’t care.

Overall, I had a great Trillectro experience. Although the four hours I spent there seemed to fly by and I spent more money than I may have planned, my greatest memories are the expressions on everyone’s faces, the people I encountered and the overall positive vibe. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We were all happy. And that’s what festivals are all about. Right?

So you may be asking, “What exactly is a summer session?” It is a free musical experience like no other. Earlier this summer one of The University of Maryland’s most popular college radio show’s DMV Live Radio started an off-campus summer concert series to showcase talented music acts from DC, Maryland and Virginia. Each summer session has a summer theme i.e. “Summer School” and “Summer Camp” and offers free entertainment at various venues in Maryland and DC. The special thing about this third installment is that unlike the previous two, guests as young as eighteen may enjoy the evening’s entertainment. This allows for even more people to take part in this highly interactive and intimate event. And with The Pinch providing the venue for the evening, it is sure to be one of the hottest free concert events the District has seen. To join in the fun and excitement come to The Pinch (3548 14th St NW  Washington, DC 20010) on Sunday August 11th from 8pm – ’til and see what Summer Sessions are all about.


Check out music from the artists performing at Summer Sessions 3 below!

Mana – “Here To Stay”
JCA – “Frustrated”
Te’Melo – “Blessed”
Brain Rapp – “Boom Bap”
Idrise – “Home Wreckin”
Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs – “In The Office”
Saratoga Migz – “Know What I’m Talking ‘Bout”
Stef Luva – “Long Gone”
Hippie Life Krew – “Do It For The Vine”
Feed God Cabbage – “Reggae Mon”
Be sure to follow DMV Live Radio & SummerSession on twitter for all your summer sessions updates!

Thursday July 25th, DMV Live Radio – A hip-hop focused radio show dedicated to showcasing DC, MD, and VA talent – will be hosting a free hip-hop concert at AXUM Lounge located at 1934 9th St. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009. Doors open at 8pm, with performances beginning around 9pm and ending at 1am. There will be a DJ showcase, open mic freestyle cipher, and performances by Te’Melo, Brain Rapp, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, Nike Nando, Pro’Verb, Queen Kyi, Stef Luvaa, Big Mall, and HippieLifeKrew – StefIsDope, Visto, KayeTrill, and Eazy. DJ NatureBoi will be spinning the hits and partying with the crowd throughout the night. And best of all this event is completely FREE!!!! Come through and show your local artists support at a price you can’t beat. It’s going to be a great night.


The weekend of September 28th, over forty phenomenal hip-hop acts will hit multiple stages at RFK stadium in Washington DC as Rock The Bells hip-hop festival celebrates ten years of bringing historical live performances to the masses. As a hip-hop enthusiast who has never attended a Rock The Bells festival, I am truly looking forward to this. And, as if celebrating their tenth anniversary wasn’t enough excitement for me, it’s happening during my birthday weekend. CaptureThat’s right! September 28th “x” number of years ago this lover of hip-hop was born. And “x” number of years later on that very day, this lover of hip-hop will be doing none other than celebrating his love for such a creative and influential genre at the one-and-only ROCK THE BELLS!!!! Just check out the confirmed artist lineup below and try to tell me it doesn’t make your TurnUp scales explode due to the extreme level of talent and anticipation.

Confirmed Artists

Action Bronson | Big Krit | Black Hippy ( Kendrick Lamar | Schoolboy Q | Ab-Soul | Jay Rock ) Big Daddy Kane | Bodega Bamz | Bone Thugs N Harmony | Brother Ali | Chase and Status | Common | Currensy | Danny Brown | Dilated Peoples | Dizzy Wright | Dom Kennedy | Earl Sweatshirt | Flatbush Zombies | Freeway | Girl Talk | Hit Boy | Hopsin | Immortal Technique | J Cole | Jhene Aiko | Kid Cudi | LeCrae | Mimosa | Prof | Pusha T | Rapsody & 9th Wonder | Ratking | Riff Raff | Sean P | Snow Tha Product | Supernatural | Talib Kweli | Tech N9ne | Tyler the Creator | Wale | Wu Tang Clan


And if you don’t know who a single artist in this lineup is, YOU DO NOT KNOW HIP-HOP!!! You should also probably have your vitals tested to make sure you’re alive and not some orchestra zombie who’s been feeding on harps to a tune of violins and flutes their whole life. Not a shot against classical music. Just a shot at you for not diversifying your ears. lol Anyway, some of the artists I am most excited to see perform are Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Big Krit, Curren$y, Tyler The Creator, Pusha T, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Wale, Action Bronson, Kid Cudi and J Cole. I’m actually excited to see Riff Raff and Danny Brown perform as well. But that’s just for laughs because those dudes are some characters. With that said, I hope to see you at RFK stadium on the 28th and 29th. Click the images above for the full details of the event.


‘Tis here ladies and gentleman!!!! The Trillectro Music Festival Phase 1 Linuep has been released and we are overly excited for this years event. Check the details below and be sure to tweet hashtag #trillectro and @trillectro for a chance to win (2) VIP tickets!!!! We’ll keep you updated on the festival as more details arise. It’s going to be a trill summer!!!!
trillectro instagram flyer
Trillectro Music Festival is back! Join us at the Half Street Fairgrounds on our new date, August 17, 2013, for another historic event in our nation’s capital.
This year’s lineup includes (in alphabetical order):

+ many more to be announced!
Pre-sale coming Friday, first dibs goes to people who sign up! In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win VIP tickets, Trillectro merch, and other great prizes from our sponsors.
[Source: Trillectro Official Email]