The Most Underrated Small Forward in the League: Carmelo Anthony

Posted: October 15, 2013 by nrcfreshstart in Entertainment, Sports
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Written by @AuthorJCopeland [Author of Hustle: Street Power]

Carmelo Anthony is the most unstoppable man in the NBA and does not get the respect he deserves. He came from Oak Hill Academy (when I started watching him) and that is where he began his growth into a phenomenal player. He was a freshman who could pull up from anywhere and could also play in the post. He took Oak Hill to a championship his freshman year without a problem and when he played for Syracuse I watched almost every game. Throughout those early years I witnessed a man grow into a force of nature.

Now, back to the NBA. Carmelo Anthony can score from anywhere on the court. He is the toughest person in the league to guard, yet he still does not get the respect he deserves because he so-called, “does not play defense”. Meanwhile, I can name many players in the league who do not play defense but get more recognition than Melo.

How can someone who had a much better rookie season in 2003 not win the Rookie of the Year award? Because they catered to LeBron James and made him the face of the NBA. But, can we talk about how Carmelo Anthony has dominated against that man “King James” every game of his career? Melo is 10-7 against James and does not get the recognition he deserves. Can we talk about how it didn’t take ten years for Melo to develop a jumper or post-moves? Can we also talk about how both of these men made it to the playoffs without help? And Melo was able to take the Nuggets to the playoffs in a difficult Western Conference that was stacked for years. Yet, everyone in the world supports LeBron because he is the face of the NBA.

Last year Carmelo had the best season of his career. He helped make the Knicks division champs. He even took them to the second round of the playoffs, but didn’t receive MVP because it is a popularity contest. It should be based on who has had the best season for their team. I don’t see him ever getting a chance at the MVP award because as long as people are loving LeBron and considering him the “best in the league” due to his size and so-called “greatness,” everyone else will get overlooked.

We’re talking about someone who came to New York City with a mediocre team and was still able to win the division. That should say something about this man’s ability to score and take his team to victory. Unlike Lebron, Melo didn’t change teams to go play with another superstar to get a ring. He is trying to earn his ring rather than have it served to him on a silver platter. Everyone knew that Carmelo wanted to play in New York and ever since he got the chance he has been living up to it. The only person that can stop Carmelo is Carmelo because there is no shutting him down. All you can do is hope and pray that this man does not get hot. He is the best player in the league and nothing will change my mind.


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